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Aug 28, 2008

Convention Control.

Some of the choreography that is carried out in the Democrat convention really makes me wonder just what the point of it is.

The Courier Mail reported: -

“The historic but carefully orchestrated moment came during a state-by-state roll call, in which delegates were announcing the carve-up of the votes cast in the primary contests held throughout the first half of this year.

Votes were being cast for Senator Obama and Hillary Clinton, but that was merely symbolic because Senator Obama secured a majority of voting delegates in June.

At the New York delegation was called forward, Senator Clinton stepped to the state to tell the convention - and a global audience - that her home state supported Senator Obama.

She then called for an end to the vote so that Senator Obama could be anointed as the first black presidential candidate for a major US party.”
There seems to be an absolute obsession with unity, or in this case the appearance of it. In the pursuit of the perception of it I feel that they may just have abandoned their best chance of achieving the real thing.

Many delegates present were committed to Hillary, and their voices were snuffed out before they had a chance to meet their obligation to those they represented in what was referred to above as a “carefully orchestrated moment.” Many of the Hillary supporters feel with some justification that their candidate was railroaded by the DNC.

It seems to be the case that the left love things symbolic, I suppose that if you don’t have logic or much else going for you, then symbols are the next best thing.

Obama unfortunately for the party seems to be driven by some sort of feeling of entitlement and can’t bear the idea of any sort of opposition. Disagreements are opportunities to resolve those matters on which we differ if we handle them right. If we do it wrong they can poison relations for years to come.

It would have made a great deal more sense to hold the ballot thus allowing these people to make their point and do their thing, then reach out to them, embrace them and go all out for party unity. That’s the way it is usually done and at the end of the convention all parties work together.

The Clintons may have saved their status (although weakened) within the party by toeing the line, but a deep sense of animosity will be felt by those who have been let down and disenfranchised by their actions for years to come.



    Sorry, I know, off-topic. But good God, let this be true.

  2. Alex, good to hear from you again.

    Steve Maloney called it earlier today, and i am really hoping it is true, it is the answer to many prayers.

    Just as I got your comment I was hitting the post button on one thet says ..... "the best person for that is Sarah Palin, who I am not sure actually wants the spot, but please oh please let it be her."

  3. Yes. If you have Fox, i'd urge you to tune in because she is all over it right now! And there's, two hours to go.

  4. Jim.... it's now confirmed.
    Sarah Palin it is!!!

    High five!!!

    McCain is a genius!!!