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Aug 31, 2008

A prediction from the dark side.

Some time ago I stopped visiting Hillbilly White Trash, I disagree totally with his attitude to McCain, not so much in that he disagrees with him, I do on some issues myself. My problem is that the trenchant criticism of McCain by Lemuel in my opinion tends to arm those whom neither of us would wish to win.

The odd sycophant criticized me for my disagreement with McCain’s repudiation of the North Carolina advertisements, but I maintain my position that we do a candidate no favors if we fail to tell him when he is wrong. Such criticism however needs to be reasonably tactful and measured.

Lemuel is however a great articulate critic of the Democrats and a valuable ally. He has come up with a prediction I wasn’t expecting to see but in the light of the type of slimeball tactics we see from the other side is something it would not surprise me to see them use.

Before I post my public apology to Mr. McCain for underestimating him in this matter and give my impressions of Mrs. Palin I want to hear the thing out of McCain's own gob.

But I want to get this prediction in early because I don't think it will take long for the left-wing blogosphere to jump on it. 

Mrs. Palin has five children and the youngest is only a few months old and has Downs Syndrome. Mrs. Palin is 44 years-old and women in their forties have an elevated chance of having children with Downs Syndrome.

I believe that it will only be a short time before leftist wackjobs start criticizing the Palins for being "selfish" in choosing to have a child when she was so "old". They will imply that it was her "doctrinaire pro-life extremism" which led her to allow the pregnancy to come to term making the baby a "prop" in her "anti-woman fundamentalist agenda of intolerance". 

We will be told about what a low quality of life a child with Downs Syndrome has and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the more stupid and thuggish Dim commentators start referring to the baby as a "mongoloid" (this is the kind of thing that Michael Moore does so well). 

Do not doubt me in this.

I may have underestimated McCain but one literally can not have too low an opinion of left-liberal Democrats. There is absolutely no moral depth to which they are not compelled to dive.

Sadly Lemuel is correct, the Democrats are the party who distributed Bush/McCain cartoon porn at their national convention, and Obama with his comments on small town America, along with his constant harping on how ‘they will say he’s different to …..,’ ‘ he’s not like those other Presidents …,’ etc to intimate a racial division has run the most racist campaign since fellow Democrat George Wallace.

There is no depth of reprehensible, unmitigated, bastardry that these far left freaks that now run the Democratic party will not sink to, and this may be in fact mild compared to reality.
We have to be ready for them, and to make sure the widest possible audience gets to know about it when it happens.

The average Democrat is in my opinion a decent person who on seeing what the leadership, especially the intellectual leaders have become will reject them and vote for decency, or at least stay at home on election day.

You run a great site Lemuel.


  1. Very good, very informative.

    Keep digging.

    The Pink Flamingo

  2. "Sarah Palin's son may actually belong to one of her daughters"

    The Daily Kos hits rock bottom

  3. I seriously doubt this,it would be extremely difficult for anyone to carry out and impossible for someone in the public eye. Add to this the extra scrutiny that a Governor faces and the story just becomes plain silly.

    There are quite a few people involved in a pregnancy and birth, and it would have leaked long before this.

  4. how redicules r u people our country is falling apart at the seams.and u want more of the same

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    Don't worry, there is nothing wrong with being a computer program driven by some sort of rudimentary form of artificial intelligence.

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