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Aug 26, 2008

More on Black Republicans.

I am not sure how I first came in contact with the National Black Republican Association, but they have impressed me with their efforts so far. Democrats going into Denver for the coronation of Obama will have the pleasure of encountering 50 of the Martin Luther King was a Republican signs to cheer them on their way.

The Democrats have done a great disservice to Black America in nominating Obama. He isn’t competent to handle the job and if he is elected he will be a disaster to the point that it will be extremely difficult for a black candidate to be taken seriously for a long time in the future if he were to fail as completely as it appears probable.

If their priority was as it seems to have been, to make a black guy President, then surely there was someone better than this on offer.

The Black Republican Pac have come up with a great ad on why Obama is not the sort of change America needs.

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