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Aug 3, 2008

Obama for oil?

Obama can’t seem to stick to an opinion for any longer than it takes for him to travel from one meeting where people have one expectation to the next where they have another. Remember the man who was against the ‘surge’ until it started working, and now was always for it?

Well now despite his rampant opposition to any drilling he is now sort of semi in favour of it after realising that McCain was getting an advantage from it. McCain was in the past against it but realising the damage being done has changed his position on the subject and embraced it, which the Obama campaign called a flip flop.

The Chicago Tribune has just run a story on Obamas supposed support which appears pretty unenthusiastic and mobile called “Obama says shift on drilling is practical step.” by John McCormick.

Sen. Barack Obama said Saturday he is simply acting pragmatically in softening his opposition to additional oil drilling along the nation's coastline, a shift Republicans say shows he is calculating and out of touch with voters.

Speaking in Florida Obama insisted he still generally opposes additional drilling—as his Republican rival, Sen. John McCain once did as well—but would be willing to support it as part of a new bipartisan energy proposal that seeks to lessen dependence on foreign oil.

"If we can come up with a genuine bipartisan compromise, in which I have to accept some things that I don't like, or the Democrats have to accept some things that they don't like in exchange for actually moving us in the direction of actual energy independence, then that's something I'm open to," the Illinois Democrat said.

Oil drilling, a hot topic in Florida, has been a point of dispute between Obama and McCain in recent weeks. 

Interestingly he seems to like pointing out that he is seen as different to the other candidates, (read black) with; “I spent time in Indonesia. I do not have the typical biography of a presidential candidate. What that means is that I'm sort of unfamiliar and people are still trying to get a fix on who I am."

This is not surprising given the information found here.

McCain seems to have his opponent down pat in the following statement: -

McCain, used his radio address to contrast his record of independence with Obama's speaking skills.

While calling Obama an "impressive orator," the Arizona Republican added that it was a lucky thing for him that people "aren't just choosing a motivational speaker." He also portrayed Obama as a tax-hiker who will expand government.

"Government is too big, and he wants to grow it. Taxes are too high, and he wants to raise them. Congress spends too much, and he proposes more. ... We're finally winning in Iraq, and he wants to forfeit," McCain said. "With an agenda like that, a knack for rhetoric comes in mighty handy."

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