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Aug 30, 2008

Palin, an inspired choice.

Last night the rumour mill was in full production. One had a secret service car outside Mitt Romneys house, meaning that he was the VP pick.

Another quoted Redstate as confirming that Pawlenty was definitely the choice.

Another announced that he was removing all of his old posts criticising Mike Huckabee as it seemed that he would be chosen and he didn’t want anything up that the left could use.

Then Steve Maloney came up with: - “I'm getting word from Republican operatives in OK and FL that Gov. Sarah Heath Palin's charter plane from Alaska has just landed in Dayton, Ohio. That almost certainly would indicate she is John McCain's choice for V-P.”…..

Steve has proven himself to be one of the most astute observers in the campaign so I had a feeling of optimism even though for a while I have had the feeling that Palin would not accept the job.

Then I was just posting one calling for more use of the original candidates when regular visitor Alex posted a comment drawing attention to a CNBC report of Palin being the pick, thanks Alex.

Here is her speech: -

The Palin choice is an inspired one in that the old beltway insiders have been sidelined for a relative newcomer who has almost universal acceptance across party lines, an approval rating in the 90s, a reputation as a fiscal conservative, strong attacker of the corrupt, and very much a strong personality, and her own woman.


  1. I am excited to finally have a libertarian candidate on the Republican ticket. In four years she could be President. I am dreaming.

  2. There are quite a few fairly strongly libertarian tending Republicans, such as Jeff Flake around, but VP is something special.

  3. some ol hasbeen and a momsy bitch from the sticks. putin must b laughin his arse off

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