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Aug 3, 2008

Mind control and Obama.

I have just listened to a segment of ‘Blogtalk radio,’ I found over at Steve Maloneys site featuring Dr. Will Horton, Mind Control expert and psychologist discussing the rampant Mind Control in Obama's Psych Op Politics.

I seriously advise that if you can find the time that you listen to it, in fact both segments and pass them on.

Congratulations to Clintons4mccain for coming up with this.

Some of the points coming out are that when he talks about change two things are in play: -

First you assume that he wants the same thing as you do.

Second he is accessing your emotional buttons at the same time.

Another method of appeal straight from the cult formers handbook is the application of what is in the sentence; “People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.”

With regard to the Obama world tour comes a quote from the daily show on Comedy Central; “Wow, a person talking in front of 200000 Germans, saying nothing promising everything, just sends chills up your spine doesn’t it.”


  1. HI,
    Don't know you, but Clintons4McCain thanks you for this post,
    Cristi Adkins

  2. Jim, thanks for posting the link info on this. It illustrates the by-the-book game plan, used by nabt cult leaders and some govenments to garner support and membership. These are not new tactics; they are as old as time itself, and have been used all too successfully before, with sometimes disastrous results. Just ask Germany and Italy how they feel about such things...

  3. Very interesting it reminds of the profile of the cult and summary of the theories surrounding the murder/suicide of over 900 people of Jim Jones era. The only difference is that Jim used religion to brainwash the youthful people, and instead Obama uses "misery and change" methods. In this turmoil time, yes, we do need a serious change, but, that change is not to stop us from fighting the terrorist, it is change for domestic issues, such as foreign oil. People have these issues confused As once a Democrat and now an Independent, I see that change is needed and we did have a terrible adminstration, but, I can tell you this that I have told hundreds of bloggers,"I rather lose an election as a democrat than lose my soul to evil. In the midst of a world in turmoil "we have our faith". In every circumstances of life may we find our deepest assurance of our faith, not in the shallow, shifting sands of idiotic wisdom. Our little faith may seem nothing to the DNC but it is a match for the winds which seek to sweep us into the floodstream of destruction. The shifting sands of uncertainty can bring us danger and we of faith would rather stay in the shadows of safety, than, risk it for "a false change" of uncertainy. How desperately many need to learn this lesson. Their ghoulish glee in "pouncing" upon a person because they are from the same party shows us, at the assembly, that the Potter has used his skillful hands to led them astray, and not let them use their wisdom that was placed on them from our Creator. Safety is the wisdom- not uncertainty.

  4. that should read, "MANY" cult leaders...

  5. Thank you for posting Clintons4McCain. I find their program to be very educational. Obama does talk a lot about change...but the Dr. is right, he wants you to think the change is what you want it to be. In reality no one really knows what change he is truly talking about. Keep up the great radio shows, I will continue to listen. Too bad the mainstream media can't look and report into things more.

  6. Jim,
    Thank you for your efforts in the NOBAMA campaign. You are a great Patriot!

    PUMA in Kentucky

  7. Thanks very much for the post. It's an interesting subject.

    Mountain Sage

  8. Dear Jim, thanks for calling attention to clinton4mccain and the Blog Talk Radio program, which I was honored to co-host, The information presented by Andy Martin and Dr. Will Horton was excellent. This coming Saturday at 5 p.m. ET (USA) the guests will be Jean Avery, who started the very successful moms4mccain on blogspot, along with the "NoBama Mamas." The other guest will be terrorism expert John Maszak. In coming weeks, we'll have Bev Perlson who started TheBandofMothers and Debbie Lee, one of America's great political activists and mother of the first Navy SEAL, Marc Alan Lee, killed in action in Iraq (8/2/06). These women are both warriors, and they deserve to be heard. I believe they'll both be on 8/16. The campaign against Obama and for McCain is going very well.

    steve maloney
    ambridge, pa ("out in the boondocks")

  9. I am just glad to be of help in getting this message out. the fact of the matter is that he is very much like a cult leader, actually I think he is one of sorts.

    Another great post on the subject comes from Becky the girl in short shorts, titled "Obama's Triumph of the Will," which most of you will find enlightening.

  10. Interesting analysis. Have you given thought to the actual type of mind control that can be hypnotically induced? It would be easy to entrain the first family through simple radio waves, and most directly through Barack's earpiece and/or Blackberry (or anything with an audio output).

    I'm sure you've read the stories of domestic terrorists abusing American citizens through ordinary technology (and extraordinary means) — this simple technology could easily be used to not assassinate, but control our nation's leaders. After all, they're worth more alive and controlled than dead.

  11. Annon; Obama is just your normal charismatic who uses manipulative techniques to draw people in. Others may exert some influence on him, some of them, like Ayers, and Wright are quite disturbing but in the main Obama is in control of what he thinks.

    Its just that what he thinks is rather silly.