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Oct 1, 2008

Ifill's Obama Book.

Well you just know everything is fair and above board when you see this.

Focuses on blacks who are 'forging a bold new path to political power

The moderator of Thursday's vice-presidential debate is writing a book to come out about the time the next president takes the oath of office that aims to "shed new light" on Democratic candidate Barack Obama and other "emerging young African American politicians" who are "forging a bold new path to political power."

Gwen Ifill of the Public Broadcasting System program “Washington Week” is promoting "The Breakthrough," in which she argues the "black political structure" of the civil rights movement is giving way to men and women who have benefited from the struggles over racial equality.

Ifill declined to return a WND telephone message asking for a comment about her book project and whether its success would be expected should Obama lose. But she has faced criticism previously for not treating candidates of both major parties the same.

During a vice-presidential candidate debate she moderated in 2004 – when Democrat John Edwards attacked Republican Dick Cheney's former employer, Halliburton – the vice president said, "I can respond, Gwen, but it's going to take more than 30 seconds."

Well, that's all you've got," she told Cheney.

Ifill told the Associated Press Democrats were delighted with her answer, because they "thought I was being snippy to Cheney." She explained that wasn't her intent. …..


  1. I wrote this at Jack the Insider's blog at the Australian. I'm posting it in this topic because, call me paranoid, the post hasn't been put up yet and I don't think it will, adding to my suspicions that 98% of the media has succumbed to their personal bias towards Obama and the Democratic Party.

    "All the Naysayers saying that Palin is unintelligent because of her deer in the headlight moments during those pop quiz minutes in the Couric and Gibson interviews need to realise that she hasn't said anything that has been markedly stupid yet. Those were gaffes for sure, and foreign policy obviously isn't her strong suit (good thing the man at the top of the ticket knows the stuff). Unprepared? Definitely. Contrast it though with the really strange quips like "When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed", "I think Hillary might have been a better pick" and then asking a man in a wheelchair to stand up. Doesn't that bear odd similarities with another, more prominent gaffe meister (psst, I'm talking about the guy in the Whitehouse)? Heck, the man at the top of the Democratic ticket is no stranger to a gaffe or two himself. At a campaign rally in early 2007 he talked about the tornado that racked Kansas killing 10,000 people, when really only ten people had died. And how about ignorance about what goes in the wider world? He said that the United States military needed more Arabic translators for Afghanistan from Iraq, when it should have been clear to him that Afghans don't speak Arabic but Persian. (Hmmm, maybe visiting Afghanistan more often would help. After all he is the head of the Council on Foreign Relations). Moving on, the argument presented by all these people who are, rather amusingly petrified by this woman that she is only a heartbeat away from the presidency just shows that the level of fear and panic in her critics has completely taken over any sort of real rational observation. These arguments are most likely also being spouted by people who are quivering in their boots about the possibility of Obama being assassinated. Again, hypotheticals borne out of judgement riddled with fear and ignorance. Obama as president is in no bigger danger then the last batch of men who have run the country in the last 50 years (JFK with assassinated, with Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush all having attempts made on their lives). Since McCain announced Sarah Palin as his running mate his heart has beat almost 4 million times and most prognosis’s given by real medical experts (not the one's at the Huffington Post or the Australian) say that he has a good chance of many billions more."

  2. Posting the above reminded myself of Penn's comments about the Democratic Party a few weeks ago in his vblog, here.

    Back on topic, I watched the debate today and Ifill did pretty good at keeping her obvious positions at bay and was quite fair. I thought Palin won hands down with the strength of her positions regarding energy independece, something which has been all but forgotten about these past weeks and her Average Josephine American presentation. Conservative blogs were energised at it's conclusion but as before, the media's polls and syncophant chatterbox commentators are calling it for Biden.