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Sep 27, 2012

Calls for banning videos and blasphemy laws

Cartoon: By Pickering 

Julia Gillard, like President Obama, called for the removal of the ‘controversial’ video, The Innocence of Muslims from YouTube as a kneejerk reaction to the inarticulate, incoherent, and intemperate reaction of the perennially outraged extreme members of that faith.  Appeasement always seems to be the ‘go to’ reaction of politicians, in their dealings with the religion of peace.
Despite the fact that such actions only serve to cause these people to step forward to the next demand, authorities continue backpedaling in their attempts to placate them like a bad parent does with a tantrum prone child.
Ben, from Ben and Bawb’s Blog have come up with a video clip from Reason, Imagine ‘There’s no YouTube’ 
Now that ‘Australia’ in other words, the government is attempting to gain a seat on the UN Security Council, freedom of speech is under real threat here. Apart from the massive cash splash she is using to buy votes for the country, there is a real danger that she could attempt to secure Islamic votes by offering to support their calls for anti blasphemy laws.

The reason for the desperate effort to gain the seat is the need for Labor to get hold of anything that will reflect a little kudos on the party in the run-up to the next federal election. No freedom will be too important to toss into the mix in order to save Labor’s bacon.

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