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Sep 16, 2012

Violent Islamic protest in Sydney

Inage: Sydney Morning Herald

A large group of violent Islamic radicals formed part of a ‘protest’ today in Sydney over a video clip depicting Mohammed. Six police were injured and others were treated for the effects of capsicum spray after violent confrontations at the US consulate and Hyde Park. It is understood that not all protestors were involved in the assaults on police, but eight were arrested and video evidence is being studied:

Eight of the protesters were expected to be charged with a range of offences, including affray, assaulting police, resisting arrest and throwing a missile. Police said they would also begin poring through “a significant amount of evidence” that had been gathered through the media and officers, and that anyone caught committing offences would be “vigorously pursued.”

Saturday's angry scenes began after about 1pm (AEST), when an “unannounced and unapproved” group of people gathered at Town Hall as part of a global protest against an anti-Islamic film.

Police said the group began walking along George Street towards Martin Place, where they attempted to enter the US consulate, which is located in the MLC Centre. It was here, according to police, that violence between officers and the growing group first broke out.

Tempers flared again when the demonstrators - then about 300-strong - took their rallying cry to Hyde Park. Capsicum spray was fired, leaving faces red and inflamed, while one man was seen being dragged along the ground with blood dripping down his face.

Superintendent Mark Walton later said he believed some people went to the protest “armed”, with a view to cause damage and assault police. “The group was unorganised and clearly split into factions, being some there to express their concerns from their community perspective,” he said.

“However, there were other elements ... who were clearly here with another intent.” “They were aggressive and violent at times and came into contact with police.” Waving banners with slogans such as “Behead all those who insult the Prophet”, protesters listened as one protester told the crowd: “We will never accept the assault on our prophet.”
Anyone who is even barely more than semiliterate, or is bothered to do a small amount of research on the subject which this rabble claim is dear to them, would know that Australians were not involved in the film. In fact America is not responsible for it. It was made by a small group of religious nutters similar to those demonstrating today.

The video itself appears to be a poorly made, facile, badly scripted, third rate, attempt at parodying the more classical “Life of Brian” only replacing the ‘Christ’ figure with Mohammed. It is a standing joke across the world and the only people taking it in any way seriously are these religious retards. Of course, The Life of Brian was offensive to many Christians, resulting in them declining to watch it. Nobody was killed or injured by fascist mobs.

The report goes on to mention a statement by one of the protestors, who was offended despite not having seen the clip:
Protester Abdullah Sary, who said he wanted a peaceful protest, said although he had not seen the film, he was offended because it ridiculed the Prophet Mohammed.

“The prophet is more beloved then my family, my wife, my mother and myself. So if someone says this, you can see how upsetting it is.”
More important than his ‘family, his wife, his mother and himself’? Only a Scientologist or a cultist of some description would ever come up with something like that. This gives some indication of just what screwups these people really are.

What strange people these are. They seem to have all of that fighting spirit, yet they never displayed any of it when they fled from all of that tyranny against which fighting might have been useful. Instead they decide to fight against the law enforcement agencies of a free country that offered them sanctuary. Perhaps they should go back where they came from and do their fighting where it will do the most good, although the risks are higher.


  1. I am so sorry to see this come to your beautiful nation.

  2. AND guess what the closing song at the London Olympics was? Life of Brian's Always Look On The Bright Side Of LIFE!!!!

  3. profoundly_disturbedSeptember 17, 2012 at 9:41 AM

    I'm afaid it's inevitable, political correctness encourages these situations to thrive.

  4. It is revolting that these religious people are so easily offended. Anyone who resorts to violence for such a trivial reason is obviously an insecure coward. I am saddened to see that Australia has to be subjected to the actions of these psychopaths.