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Sep 12, 2012

Gillard and Obama mentally joined at the hip

Cartoon: Bill Leak

One of the favorite arguments against liberty by the statists in the Labor, Liberal, National, and Green Parties is the expression, “But we wouldn’t want to be just like America, would we?” It tends to be heard less these days as America, like she always seems to do when it believes it is falling behind the rest of the world, has for a number of years embarked on an industrial strength rush toward authoritarianism. They have caught us up, if not passed us.

A commenter the other day remarked on the similarity between Gillard and Obama in their actions. These have become so eerily similar for the last couple of years that we are tempted to think they copy each other or operate from the same talking points.

Both have screwed up everything they have touched, both have an unhealthy habit of resorting to vilification as the first line of defense, both lie like pigs in shit, although on that one, Obama might demonstrate a bit more integrity, both are backed by functionaries who lack any real leadership ability and hence, are obliged to be loyal acolytes, and both are fawned on by media organizations, devoid of serious reporters who see their role in national affairs as ensuring the future of Dear Leader.

We won’t go into the Class War that is being waged on both sides of the Pacific.

It was not surprising to see the tendency of the Obama Administration to label any criticism of him as racist, echoed here by Gillard’s assertion that her critics were ‘misogynists and nut jobs on the internet’ who were out to get her for being female. It’s that Andrew Effing Bloody Bolt, I tell ya.

The area where Australia has seriously lagged up until now was in digging into an opponents past and finding out about his childhood indiscretions. The Obama camp went way ahead when they were able to publicize the ‘fact’ that Mitt Romney had pulled the pigtail of little Miss Lilly Mae Smelling while sitting at the desk behind her at pre-school.

The Gillard team of spin-doctors, ministerial advisers, the Age, and Sydney Mourning Herald has been desperately trying to catch up ever since. Now they have been able to find a woman who is a reliable lefty and claims that after she defeated Abbott in a university election, he punched the wall near her head.

The really curious thing though is that despite the fact that Tony was a minister in the Howard government, and a front bencher ever since, as well as Opposition Leader for nearly three years, it has taken till now when Gillard is in deep trouble for the ‘victim’, Barbara Ramjan to remember it happening. Perhaps during all of those years while Abbott was in the spotlight, Ms Ramjan was away on another planet and unaware of her old adversary’s progress.

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