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Sep 4, 2012

Karzai’s Aussie troop meltdown; so why are we still in this shithole

Image: Three soldiers were murdered and two died in a chopper crash.

In the wake of the green on blue killing of three Australian soldiers in Afghanistan, the first reports of an action by Australian troops in the village of Sola village in Uruzgan, was a statement by Afghan President Hamid Karzai, expressing ‘outrage’ at the actions of our troops hunting the killer. He was claiming that troops acted outside their authority and killed a 70-year-old man and his son:

He claimed that the troops had acted outside the agreement with the coalition on how to conduct night raids. This agreement states that all such operations must be Afghan-led. He went on to claim that the Australian troops launched the raid "unilaterally. It now appears that Karzai seems to be getting his information from the Taliban and ignoring the facts:

A Western diplomat in Kabul described Mr. Karzai's statement as "insensitive.” (A senior NATO source described President Karzai's statement as "bizarre" and they were speculating about his motivation.) A spokesman for the coalition insisted that the Friday operation involved Afghan and Australian forces working "side by side.”

There were 12 Afghans detained and "two insurgents were killed during a small arms engagement as coalition troops entered a compound," said coalition spokesman Charlie Stadtlander. On Saturday, he added, all the Afghans detainees were released except for one, believed to be a "facilitator" who enabled the insider attack on the Australians and was also responsible for placing roadside bombs in the area.

A tribal elder in Sola village in Uruzgan, where the operation occurred, said he witnessed the raid and saw the presence of Afghan forces alongside Australian troops. According to Mr. Stadtlander, the two Afghans killed in the raid were insurgents, aged roughly 50 and 30 years old.

Mr. Karzai, by contrast, described the two dead men as innocent civilians—a "70-year-old man, Haji Raz Mohammad, and his 30-year-old son, Abdul Jalil.”
While our politicians are telling us that we ‘have to stay the course’, the Australian public are becoming increasingly sick of seeing our troops arriving home in coffins as result of the actions of our so called friends.

It is especially galling though that this piece of shit is quite relaxed and comfortable about attacking the integrity of our forces that are keeping him in his palace, that he doesn’t even bother checking the facts before he lets fly with an outburst. He appears to have swallowed the story of the other side lock, stock, and barrel, without bothering to discover the facts.

He has probably recruited another thousand Taliban with this statement.

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