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Sep 8, 2012

Root leaves LP, rejoins GOP

There is probably little surprise in libertarian circles that 2008 LP Presidential candidate and VP nominee, Wayne Allyn Root has resigned from the party and rejoined the Republicans. It was always doubtful that he would go the distance in the LP for the long term, and while his efforts within the party have been positive, he has not been a terribly good fit there:

On Thursday, 2008 Libertarian vice-presidential nominee Wayne Allyn Root announced that he was resigning from his positions within the Libertarian Party and joining the Republican Party. In the public letter he wrote, Root explains that his decision is much like those of previous Libertarian Party candidates, including David Koch (VP, 1980) and Ron Paul (President, 1988); both of whom left the LP to become influential Republicans.

To add insult to injury, Root announced that he is endorsing Republican nominee Mitt Romney, saying, “I don’t deny that Romney and Ryan aren’t libertarians, but Romney is a pro-business capitalist and Obama is a Marxist-socialist. The economy has been trashed. This is about my kids’ future, it’s about my businesses. There is no hope for America if Obama is re-elected.”

In his resignation letter, Root also announced that he would seek a U.S. Senate seat in Nevada in 2016, saying he “plan[s] to join Tea Party U.S. Senators like Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, Marco Rubio and Mike Lee in the near future, representing the great state of Nevada.” …
There is a considerable crossover in the libertarian movement in the US between the Libertarian Party and the libertarian element of the Republican Party, which is led by the Republican Liberty Caucus. The nomination of Gary Johnson, a credible candidate, clear libertarian, a successful two term Governor, with more executive experience than Romney and Obama combined, has made matters complicated for libertarian Republicans this time.

Given the idiocy during the RNC, when Romney was granted power to replace delegates supporting Ron Paul, and the disrespect shown to the man himself, it is not surprising that many Republicans are strongly drawn to vote for Johnson. The problem for them is the chance of reelecting Obama by splitting the GOP vote, although the LP is likely to take a substantial vote off the Democrats as well.

The action by Root is fairly reasonable in the light of his political background. He has caused a great deal of angst and hostility in the LP by endorsing GOP candidates in the past. Root has not changed his views, but has probably made a decision that is best for him and the LP.

Matters are much clearer here in Oz where there is no credible contest with the Liberal Democratic Party for the libertarian vote, as all of the other parties are unabashedly statist. Recently Shadow Treasurer, Joe Hockey stated his support for ‘limited government’ in a TV interview, which while promising from our perspective, is not likely to find much support within the Liberal Party.

Note: Real World Libertarian endorsed Gary Johnson as the best candidate for the Presidency as soon as he announced he was standing for the Republican Nomination. Nothing that has happened since has given any reason to change this view. RWL still endorses Governor Johnson for President.

H/t Libertarian Republican

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