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Sep 4, 2012

Kevin Rudd; people don’t know what they believe in

Image: One form of the Nolan chart. (See below)

Former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd claimed that there are people out there including some in his own party who don’t know what they really believe in. This figures as if they did, they would probably not vote Labor:

KEVIN Rudd says some members of his own political party don't know what they believe in, failing the critical test for those in public life.

The former prime minister made the comment in an address this week to Brisbane's Iona College, where he offered advice to any students considering a life in politics. He said always asked those seeking such advice: “What do you believe in and why?”

Those unable to answer this question had more work to do, Mr Rudd said. “Too often I run into folk in political life - of all political parties, including my own - who can't answer that question properly. And that's a very basic question.”
The idea of people not knowing what they believe in has to be treated with a considerable degree of skepticism, most do. What they may not be able to assess is where their beliefs fit in the political spectrum and therefore, where to go politically.

For those in this situation, probably the best way of finding a political home (if it can be called that) is to use the Nolan Chart and its associated questionnaire. In Australia there is a local version, the Australian political Quiz. For those overseas there is the Worlds smallest political quiz at the Advocates for Self Government.

Just fill out the questionnaire, hit the Judge me button, and you will be pointed to your spot in the political spectrum and told whether you are Labor, LNP, Greens, or a Liberal Democrat. If you are unable to answer any of the questions presented, it will be unable to place you but you should be able to find a sense of belonging at Katter’s Australian Party.

In the case of students considering a career in politics, they should probably be told to go out and find a job in the real world and not consider politics until they have some idea of what it is like out there. Kids that move straight into politics from school generally end up as nanny state politicians who still maintain their adolescent belief that they know everything, including what is best for us, like Bill Shorten.

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