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Sep 21, 2012

Run for your lives! It’s Menzies House

In the wake of the Gay Marriage bill being rejected in both houses of federal parliament, Senator Cory Bernardi was dismissed or resigned from his position on the Liberal frontbench.  The senator in speaking against the bill raised the old slippery slope argument about how it will lead to other things.  Unfortunately for him, he got a bit carried away to the point of suggesting that bestiality based marriages will be on the cards.
 The problem with the SS argument is firstly, it is straw man based, and secondly, most people either do not see the connection or disagree with it.  That said, it is to be noted that recently a couple of Hollywood stars have come out of late in support of incest and pedophilia, but hey, that’s Hollywood.  The only thing surprising about it is there has been as yet, no movie star support stated for deep and meaningful necrophilic trysts.
 ‘The Australian’ has got its knickers in a knot though about a post by Bill Muehlenberg, supporting Bernardi and complaining that he was railroaded by his party, which appeared on his website and was reposted by Menzies House, a popular conservative website.  It has to be wondered why:
(a)          They opted for the version on Menzies House, rather than the original and,
(b)          How they came to link to the wrong article. 

It can only be supposed that the more popular Menzies House would arouse more interest among
readers than the relatively unknown Culture Watch.  The post the Australian linked to was simply a
transcript of Bernardi’s speech, instead of the Muehlenberg one here.  Nonetheless it goes to town
on Menzies House:
A CONSERVATIVE website linked to Cory Bernardi has published an article branding his sacking as Tony Abbott's parliamentary secretary as a "knee-jerk reaction".  Menzies House, which was funded by Senator Bernardi, is today carrying a piece by conservative writer Bill Muehlenberg which argues the South Australian Liberal was “hung out to dry by his own party” for his comments linking gay marriage to bestiality.
“Why? Because he had the guts to tell the truth, and his PC political mates were too chicken and too spineless to back him up,” the article says. “He was speaking on the homosexual marriage bill, and had the courage to suggest where all this might lead.” Meanwhile, a petition website has also been established encouraging backers to “stand with Cory and his fight for traditional values”. It's unclear who is behind the petition.
It also seems odd that the disclaimer on the top of the post seems to have been missed by the reporter:
Editor's Note: For all our new readers today please note that Menzies House is an opinion website which publishes a wide variety of pieces, including numerous pieces in favour of same sex marriage and some advocating for an abolition of the Cth [sic] Marriage act, as well as pieces against. The fact that a piece is published here does NOT necessarily mean its contents are endorsed by any member of the editorial board - Tim Andrews, Managing Editor.
For one of the few remaining newspapers carrying any credibility in this country, it is bad enough to screw up the link, but much worse to falsify the tenor of the post.

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  1. What goes on in the privacy of consenting adults (homosexuality) is not the business of the state. They have no moral justification to prevent homosexuals from marrying each other. Meanwhile, bestiality is pretty much animal abuse. Animals, unlike humans, cannot consent to being humped. Leave it to bigoted politicians not to understand the difference.