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May 31, 2011

ALP to close Battersea Power station, in England.

Some readers, especially the Brits might find the that power station which is featured behind Michael Caton in the “Say Yes” to the great big tax advertisement, looks a little familiar. Well, all except the smoke coming out of the stacks that is. It’s the already closed, obsolete Battersea Power station in London.

It has not opersated in twenty eight years in fact. That doesn’t matter though, Gillard will close it, or at lest that is what Caton is implying.

A number of Courier Mail Readers have picked up on it today, and Andrew Bolt has mentioned it on his blog. Caton looks positively depressed in his Aussie battler costume here, so perhaps someone should give him the good news, “Its bullshit stupid.”

Given that at the last election we went into the booths with Gillard’s “ No carbon tax” ringing in our ears, perhaps this would be a better use for the footage:

Even on the normally reliably pro Gillard government deceit ABC, Media Watch contradicted one of the most popular misconceptions, that the stuff coming out of all those stacks is the dreaded carbon, shorthand for CO2. They pointed that it is in fact water vapor. Media Watch like to show how clever they are, which is probably a little counter productive as far as the ABC is concerned.

As CO2 is a colorless, odorless gas, the rule of thumb is, if you can see it, it is not the dreaded ‘carbon.’

As a matter of interest though, it may be interesting to see how this ad stacks up against the governments own truth in advertising laws.

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