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May 19, 2011

No Sharia, now they want Islamic schools and taxpayer funded halal food.

Australia has absorbed waves of migrants in the past without many problems. Most have simply moved into the population at large and enriched our society with new ideas culture and the food is much better for their influence. They have simply fitted in, became ‘dincum Aussies’ and society moved in different directions in accommodating them.

It seems though that the current wave from Islamic countries is different in this respect. They appear to expect the country to give them their own law, fund religious schools and provide specialist food outlets for them:

AUSTRALIA'S top Muslim body wants taxpayers to help fund the expansion of Islamic schools and halal food outlets.
It says integrating them into mainstream suburbs would mean Muslims are not forced to live in enclaves.
And the nation's peak Jewish organisation has called for new migrants to be put on probation while their commitment to Australian values and laws is checked.

In a submission to a federal inquiry into multiculturalism, the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils said Muslims were limited from taking part in civic life when cut off from essential services such as access to Islamic schools, mosques and halal food.

"The Government should invest in expanding services like halal and kosher meat and food outlets as well as faith-based schools which allow a greater capacity to work and live in areas where they exist," it said.
There is a viable education system provided here, and there are a significant variety of private ones for those that want them. The thing is though, that religion based schools, are built by those groups, not by the state. If Muslims want them, they do the same as Catholics and others have done in the past.

Food is the same. It is nonsense to suggest that we must provide outlets for specialized foods or anything else for that matter. If there is sufficient demand for specific products in an area, then somebody will provide for it in a free society. That’s the free enterprise system for you.


  1. Hmm, I'm 23, Catholic and went to a state school in NSW. I remember that about 10 of us got pulled out of our classroom, probably once a week to have some religious education class. Wonder what the non-Christian kids were doing during that time. Nothing bad happened and I got a certificate.

  2. Similar here, although I was not a Catholic. At high school there was a session of religious education (I think) once a week where a number of ministers from the local churches would be given class rooms for an hour.