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May 30, 2011

Stars support carbon tax; don’t want no stinkin reality.

The usual suspects including Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, the Climate Institute, and a number of unions are coming to the rescue of the Gillard government with a million dollar advertising campaign in support of the proposed carbon tax. These ads are to be fronted by actress and Labor groupie, Cate Blanchett, and fellow hack Michael Caton:

Another fly has been tossed into the ointment by the Business Council of Australia, which announced that they will support it but have called for a low starting point of $10 a tonne. That price would then increase slowly they hope, but will not be accepted. They are pissing into the wind on this as Gillard will be lucky if she can get the Greens to agree to anything less than $40. All they have achieved by this action is to allow the government to claim a victory. Presumably they are hoping for a sweetheart deal to favor themselves.

Blanchet and Caton have been strongly criticized for their action although they should be free to do whatever they like.

It should be remembered that Blanchett has gone to a lot of trouble in flying in from the US with little time to drop her bags off at het $10 million luxury pad, then get out to tell us selfish yobs that we must reduce our carbon footprint. While those who are likely to lose their jobs as result, or are on low incomes, or pensions, complain about how hard it will be for them to find another $800 to $1,400 per year depending on the size of the tax, she feels she is doing the right thing.

And good for her, after all in these uncertain times when we are struggling to make ends meet, we naturally need to turn to the infinite wisdom of celebrities like Blanchet, Charlie Sheen, and Michael Moore for guidance.

Michael Caton is a very successful actor as well, and might be subject to criticism, in that as he is pretty well off, he is out of touch with the battlers which is the wrong impression. He may not be pensioner or minimum wage earner battling to keep his family housed, clothed, and fed, but he has played one on TV. Who better to understand our pain?

Update: Press reports now indicate that we are supposed to regard the mansion referred to above as "eco friendly," just like Al Gore's.

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