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May 1, 2011

Meanwhile, over at Bawbs place on Friday.

(Just kidding.) It's not really Bawb's place, there is not a gun in sight.


  1. I dunno, Jim. I have a great new respect for the Royals after they invited Wallace and Gromit to the wedding but did NOT invite the Obamas. I find that appropriate and utterly hilarious. Looks like the Queen Mum didn't think much of Barack's "international gift" of his own speeches on an I-Pod.

  2. Hi Bawb, I saw it and couldn't resist.

    I think the problem goes deeper than the I-pod. Obama has bowed to Akihito as well as that shifty eyed Saudi prick but not to QE2 (other than the one Bernanke enacted.) The Poms have wanted that to happen since George 3 but he didn't do it.

    They may be a bit miffed about that.

    By the way, as a commonwealth country we have the Queen as titular head of state. This gives us a head of state who lives in another country and is irrelevant.

    Bet you guys would like to be in that position at present. :)