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May 2, 2011

Top terrorist, Bin Laden dead.

Reports are sketchy at present and there have been speculation in the past, which has proven to be false. This one seems to be official though and comes from the White House, which is not offering any further comments other than the announcement at this stage.

Reports variously refer to him being dead, and sometimes as killed, so we are not certain at this stage whether it is the result of military action or natural causes, but there are claims that the US has the body. Not sure what they want to do with it, the age of displaying the head on a pike and sending the associated bits to the far corners of the nation has long gone and has never been a Us tradition.

While its nice to know the bastard is gone, I doubt that it will make much difference in the long run. We have seen any number of reports of leading terrorists getting their comeuppance in the past, only to see them quickly replaced with little change.

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