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May 20, 2011

Herman Cain to announce?

Herman Cain made a big impression in the South Carolina Republican debate, being hailed as the clear winner of the event. Some of the big names skipped the event and Gingrich has entered since. Still, the ‘dark horse’ as he referred to himself as, seems to be on a roll:

He has announced that he will be revealing his decision on running on Saturday, in Atlanta. It is to be hoped that he goes ahead with it if for no other reason than to shake the contest up a bit. If he were to win it would be the biggest thing since the Christians beat the lions 10-0 in the Coliseum.

The campaign should get better if some of the other names touted, such as Bachman and Christie get involved. Gingrich has already blown it and other than the outsiders, there is little on offer as yet. Mitt Romneycare couldn’t beat McCain last time, and has raised $10 million from Hollywood celebrities, which is a bad sign.


  1. I love Cain, but running a pizza chain will not make you President.

  2. I'm going with Gary there.

    While I'm probably closer to the other Gary (Johnson) in terms of politics than most of the candidates, I really can't see him as president. Saying that, I'm hoping beyond hope that Paul Ryan jumps in. He might have his name attached to some bad decisions (i.e. TARP), but his wonkiness and understanding of the real issues plus his guts with regards to making the tough decisions is what I feel America needs.

    Barring that (and it is unlikely that Ryan will enter), another dark horse that's appearing very attractive to me right now is Rick Perry.

  3. The thing is though Gary, The US has the same problem as us in that there is not a single person in cabinet who has a business background, and it shows. The idea of a successful businessman in the top spot has a great deal of appeal.

    Alex, I like Johnson a lot myself, problem is though, he has to get the media to look at his ideas other than the novelty of marijuana legalisation. He is capable, the media are not. The Ron Paul candidacy splits the vote in the libertarian arena. I was hoping Ron would stay out and back him.