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May 15, 2011

Glen Beck, the Olbermann of the right?

There are two significant figures on the right who have had the misfortune to spawn brainless prats. The first is Ronald Reagan, who had the misfortune to sire young Ronnie, the second is John McCain whose pride and joy, Meghan is the darling of the leftist media. Mind you, with a dad like old John, there may be some excuse for Meggy.

Ronnie has just made an ass of himself, when asked by Tingles of his dad, “Did he really believe if you lowered the tax rates the government made more money? I mean, really believe it?”

He answered, “You know, I think he actually -- honestly, I think he did. All evidence to the contrary, I know, find me a time when that actually happened, but I think he believed somehow that that would happen.” Given that income tax receipts after substantial rate cuts were 65% higher in the last year of Reagan, than they were on Carters watch, the guy is a complete nit.

Meghan, is little or no better. She has though, recently done some appearances in Public service ads for skin cancer awareness, which feature her seemingly naked. I doubt that Meghan naked would inflame too many passions, but it has apparently inflamed the ire of Beck. From Newsmax:
During Beck's show Wednesday, he and his co-hosts mocked Meghan mercilessly, with Beck pretending to vomit repeatedly while looking at McCain's ad or even hearing her name. "Just try to imagine John McCain naked with long blond hair," he said. ". . . That's USDA Prime right there."
There are plenty of political items to criticize her for, but this is really not one of them. Skin cancer is a serious problem and raising awareness of it and the relatively simple precautions against it are desirable. A little shock and awe can be helpful. While not being a great fan of ‘public service’ ads, real people can hardly be criticized for taking part in them.

Beck sounds rather puerile over this. Lampooning her political statements is fair game, but mocking her appearance is childish. He really needs to grow up. We are long used to the juvenile ranting of Keith Olbermann, which thankfully are over, we really do not need to see the same sort of crap coming from the right.


  1. If I recall UK tax receipts went up after then Chancellor Nigel Lawson cut tax as well. "All evidence to the contrary" my eye - it's bloody happened. Would these numbskulls get any exposure time if it wasn't for the famous surname?

  2. Even with the big spending, Howard's tax cuts led to bigger surpluses.

    These two idiots would be unrecognised nobodies instead of recognised ones without their fathers influence. There are quite a few of the 'lucky sperm club' who are successful in their own right.

    These are not, their finest achievement in both cases was getting shot into their mothers by someone who was successful.