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Oct 19, 2012

80 Bikers intercepted by 70 cops; and the point is … ?

“Show of force” or maybe farcePicture: Megan Slade; Source Courier Mail
Perhaps a little Arlo Guthrie is appropriate:


It appears that the Newman government intends to continue the pointless pursuit of bikers out having fun with harassment of rides by large gangs of organised cops.  The police force is best used for dealing with actual crime, rather than speculative roundups of groups of bikers who are not committing any offences, just riding in company.
But someone decided to demonstrate a ‘show of force’: 
A MAJOR police "intercept" is under way on the Bruce Highway south of Gympie as up to 100 members of the Black Uhlans motorcycle club travel north as part of a national run. In an obvious show of force, more than 70 officers are stopping, searching and conducting random alcohol and drug testing on riders. 
A smaller group of 10, believed to be from the Sunshine Coast area, were pulled over just before 11am, followed by a much larger contingent of about 80, travelling together from Brisbane. The Courier-Mail observed police taking photos of club members, doing licence and background checks and asking riders to remove their shoes as part of the search. 
A club member said he was not worried about the attention. "It's becoming the norm," he said. "Someone has told them to do it, the cops are just doing their job. We're getting used to it (being pulled over). They do it to others and now it's our turn.”
Any claimed value in tying up a large group of police officers to carry out this operation has to be questioned.  Any biker who carries out criminal actions should be dealt with in the same manner as any other citizen.  On the other hand, when acting within the law they deserve to be left alone.
Being on a motorbike, wearing leathers, and being in a club, even one with a 'scary' name, is not evidence of a crime. 

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