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Oct 18, 2012

Green Party Nominee arrested

Third parties in the US run up against blocking moves by the big two at every move they attempt. The hoops they have to jump through just to get on the ballot on each of the 50 states and DC are extraordinary just for starters. When they manage this, attempts are made to lawyer them off again as has happened to the Libertarian Party team, which is still fighting GOP ones off.

 Then they have no chance of being on the podium in the debates, as the organizing committee is a body formed by the Democrats and Republicans, which excludes outsiders. Gary Johnson has launched an anti-trust suit to no avail. Just prior to the debate the Green nominees were arrested for protesting outside the venue:

ABC News has the report: 
Green Party candidate Jill Stein and her vice presidential running mate Cheri Honkala were arrested at the Hofstra University debate site today as they protested their exclusion from the second presidential debate. 
Stein and Honkala were jailed for disorderly conduct around 3 p.m.  when they were blocked by police officers as they attempted to enter the debate hall, according to Stein’s campaign manager Ben Manski. 
Manski said that it was unclear when they would be released, but they could remain jailed until midnight. The Nassau County Police Department said that it was unclear when Stein and Honkala might be released. 
“The arrest was outrageous and shouldn’t be tolerated in a country that is a leading proponent of democracy,” Manski told ABC News. “They knew that there was the possibility that they would be arrested. Their intention was to enter the premises and bear witness to the mockery of democracy that is tonight’s debate,” he said.
The actual arrest was carried out as they sat on the roadway to protest their exclusion.  Just what is it with lefties and blocking roads? 
They could have achieved the same result by continuing to protest at the entrance to the building.  Blocking roads simply causes inconvenience to users and garners little sympathy for otherwise legitimate causes.  More exposure is gained by a longer protest, which has a better chance of being reported, although it is fairly clear that the media have little time for those who are outside their preferred agenda.
Generally, the ruling classes have little other than contempt and scorn for those they trample under foot.

Editorial note: This site has a well known aversion to the far left, far right, and especially the Greens.  This issue though goes way beyond any partisan issues to the heart of liberty itself, in that if we do not support even these idiots when they have a legitimate issue; especially one that affects all of us, we get picked off one at a time.

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