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Oct 24, 2012

Jeremy Clarkson sparks PC ‘outrage’ in criticism of gun control antics

One of the advantages of Sitemeter is the ability to see what people are searching for on the blogs.  When old Jeremy Clarkson posts come up it can generally be assumed that he has ‘caused mass outrage’.  In the eyes of the press, Jeremy never seems to cause less than outrage, although one of these days perhaps we will see that he has sparked huge ambivalence, but that is unlikely. Whatever it is that he sparks is always described in terms of large numbers.
Usually it relates to some comment, tweet, or whatever, that has offended the panty waisted, PC whipped, wusses of the professionally outraged or insulted class of sensitive new age sooks.  These people are so good at doing their thing that they can reach a stage of absolute mortification quicker than Wyatt Earp could draw a six-shooter.
His latest sin, seems to be a cynical reference to gun control advocates by suggesting van control in the wake of an incident involving some idiot performing hit and runs in Cardiff, which was certainly, a tragic event: 
TOP Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has sparked outrage on Twitter with a remark in the wake of the hit-and-run rampage in Wales.  The outspoken TV presenter, 52, posted a remark on the social networking site comparing vans to guns. 
He wrote: “Following the absolutely tragic events in Cardiff yesterday, will there now be calls for tighter van controls?” 
He followed it up minutes later with a second tweet: “Serious point. If someone runs amok with a gun, gun laws are ­discussed. If someone runs amok with a van....” 
His comments provoked outraged responses from other users. Brian Paget (@brianpaget) wrote: “The horrific events in Cardiff yesterday give a glimpse of what society would look like if Jeremy Clarkson was Prime Minister.”
While the event he referred to is so insane as to defy description, Clarkson has a valid point.  Gun control advocates have no moral objections, compunction, or consideration towards grieving families to press their cause in the wake of a shooting incident.  They can drag the bodies of victims across the parliamentary chambers and press offices of the world at a speed that would leave a Benghazi Jihadist breathless.
There is a breathtaking double standard in the selective outrage expressed toward Clarkson when the ghoulish actions of gun control frantics are considered.  Given the context, Clarkson’s statement is quite reasonable and temperate.
Jeremy for PM; now there’s a thought.

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  1. Jeremy Clarkson for PM? That is an interesting thought. But I"m not sure the manly waisted unpolitically correct, unproffessionally oblivious, insensitive old-age sooks really have a grip on anything but their limp dicks.