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Oct 4, 2012

The ‘Presidential great debate’ 2012 # 1

It was an interesting experience, watching a US Presidential debate live for the first time. Those who missed it will no doubt be filled in with suitable outtakes from media outlets, selected for whatever leanings these channels have. It is up on YouTube in a series for those who wish to watch it without commentators.

It would have been great to see LP Nominee, Gary Johnson in the mix to throw the cat among the pigeons rather than the choreographed effort of two big government supporters offering conflicting nuances on the same wish list, that this was.This gives an idea of what would have happened with Governor Johnson on stage:
   From a personal point of view, Romney appeared the stronger, a view shared by one of the SBS commentators. The other, a US professor from Sydney University thought it was “a great win for all the American people,” which probably translates to, “Obama didn’t win.” It is difficult to assess what effect this will have on the American people; normally the left and right both claim their man won it and it goes back to business as usual.

 It may have been more one-sided than my own perception, given the reactions of the left wing frantics unbiased commentary team at MSNBC: Chris Mathews looks like a man who has not only lost the thrill up his leg, but the tingle as well and is left with only a quiver that is most likely the rage he feels at having been let down by the President after all of the interference he has run for him. This reaction from pundits is curious to an Aussie; even the government broadcaster, the ABC would manage to hide some of its despair were Gillard to lose a debate.

In view of this, perhaps this is bigger than it seems from over here.

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