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Oct 14, 2012

Did Stevens die of PC?

Or; What didn’t the Administration know, and when didn’t they know it 
 During the Vice Presidential debate Joe Biden told a couple of whoppers over the attack on the Benghazi Embassy and the murder of four Americans, including the Ambassador. Actually, its three if you count his lame attempt to blame Paul Ryan for it over his budget cuts:

    In the first case on the information that the intelligence community were telling the Administration about the attack; within 24 hours everybody was aware that this was a terrorist attack targeting the Embassy.  While it is possible that initial reports may have indicated that it was a riot, it is simply not believable that with mortars and heavy weapons being used that the White House was being told that it was some sort of student demo.

Why then, did the Administration continue to claim for a fortnight that it was merely a reaction to a movie trailer on YouTube?
With regard to requests for a Marine detachment; The House Oversight Committee has evidence of at least five such requests from the Ambassador that were either refused or not responded to.  There is also credible evidence that intelligence was aware of a terrorist group in the area along with threats of violence.  Even Biden would not have failed to note over the years that Islamists and the far left have a fascination with symbolism such as anniversaries.  9/11 was an open invitation.
This raises the question of why, even with budget restraints if that were the case, was it not possible to prioritize the defense of the most vulnerable embassy, against which threats were made prior to a date which is a likely time for an attack?
The Administration tends to wet it’s pants at the thought of offending Islam, hence Obama’s insistence that ‘Innocence’ was to blame for two weeks after he knew better, and leaving Hassan in a position to carry out the Fort Hood shootings even though he was known to have radical connections.  Is it possible that the failure to provide Marines to guard the Embassy, was a deliberate effort to avoid offending terrorists? 

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