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Oct 15, 2012

Moving deer crossings to low traffic areas

A lady contacted radio station “Y94” to complain about hitting deer three times and asking for deer crossing signs to be moved from high traffic zones.  There is speculation that the woman in this clip is a Democrat although this is not specified during the conversation.  A comment mentions that she, comes from Minnesota, thinks the government can do anything, has a simplistic world view, and refers to government actions as “we do” and therefore must be one:

 It’s not certain though. While the Democrats have given the world Maxine Waters, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Nancy Pelosi, Hank Johnson, and Joe Biden, it has to be remembered that the Republicans have presented us with Todd Akin, and Rep Paul ‘pit of Hell’ Broun who the Dems were unable to find a contestant for, and is thus unopposed despite being a laughing stock.

Stick with Johnson/ Grey. 
Australians though, should not feel too smug about this.  10% of our electorate vote for the Greens, who are so crazy they would not only be likely to take this suggestion as a great idea, but are in a position to have it enacted via their balance of power in the House and Senate. 
The Greens though would be more farsighted by insisting that the moved signs be replaced with new ones redirecting deer to the new crossings.  There would also be stiff laws to prevent unscrupulous hunters using fake signs to channel unsuspecting deer into killing zones.
Newsbusters has the story with some great comments. 

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