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Oct 7, 2012

US media breaking ranks

Cartoon; Steve Kelly 

It often appears that we and our US cousins have a great deal in common when it comes to politics. Their President is from the far left, Gillard is pretty Bolshy, their left are venomous, ditto ours. Both are using the divisiveness of class warfare as a standard strategy, both paint their opponents as an enemy of all women everywhere.  The lines they come out with at times are so similar it looks like they pass notes under the table.

 The media in both countries seem to have a lot in common as well. We have the government broadcaster, the ABC shilling for Gillard backed up ably supported by the Fairfax print media. They have MSNBC and the New York Times doing the same thing. Our commentators don’t seem as over the top as theirs but they are still pretty bad.

 After the poor debate performance by Obama though, some of theirs have fallen out of lockstep; something ours would never do. Jon Stewart has been known to mock the President before, but this time some of the others are joining in:
 I have not been able to watch any of the Jon Stewart clip before this as for some reason I just get a message saying it is not available here. Its great to see a bit of it though.

 The full story and transcript is at Newsbusters.

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