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Oct 5, 2012

Government medicine; what could go wrong?

The poster below was produced by the Australian Government (you know; the people who know what’s best for us) as part of its ‘Live Longer’ site.  A few inaccuracies have been pointed out: (Source: Daily Telegraph

Picture: Federal Government Source:
IT'S not so much a guide to the female anatomy as a magical medical tour in which kidneys become ovaries, the stomach becomes a lung, and the lung has a "food tube" attached.It's also an embarrassment to the Federal Government and its indigenous health program, with one Liberal MP claiming it could damage crucial public health efforts.The poster is an element of the scheme Live Longer and has been widely distributed online and in hard copy to health centres and the offices of MPs. … 
… Among its unusual features: 
                Two pancreas;
                An arrow mistaking the ovaries for the kidneys;
                An arrow showing the stomach as the lungs;
                An arrow showing the small intestine as the stomach;
                The esophagus (food tube) runs into the lung;
                The pancreas looks like it is inside the stomach;
                The ureters look like they join to the small intestine instead of the kidneys and the bladder is sitting on top of the uterus;
                The left kidney is in front of the intestine.
Ah, Socialised medicine; what could go wrong?

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