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Oct 4, 2012

Political advertising; the good, the bad, and the just plain silly

Probably the worst part of any election announcement here in Oz is the realization that the next few weeks are to be filled with political ads of varying degrees of hypocrisy, deceit, sanctimoniousness, and as yet to be unfulfilled promises. Our hearts go out to the Yanks over there who are suffering the same as we do, only on steroids. This week has seen a variety of ads from the good, through the bad, right down to the really silly.

 As the best is a send up of the really bad, we shall feature the Samuel L Jackson effort first. There is nothing quite like using the old emotional blackmail of concerned kids. After all; it takes the very young to be unaware of the promises from four years ago, and how that turned out:
  The best is Reason’s Nick Gillespie with his response. Samuel deserves this as anybody who interrupts grand dad and grand mum for a political discourse on one of those rare occasions when they are about to get it off, really needs to wake the f***   up:
  For the just plain silly, we have to visit …. You guessed it, California, where the term, alternate reality was inspired. The ad is in support of the campaign of John Dennis, a libertarian orientated Republican, who is up against Pelosi. “The night of the living Pelosi” is not likely to cause damage to his campaign, it has little chance anyway, but portraying the people you need to convert to your side as zombies is probably not the best tactic: Well, at least it is memorable.

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