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Oct 29, 2012

Gary Johnson ‘first time’ parody

Some of LP Nominee, Gary Johnson's advertising has been somewhat quirky in an interesting way; many of us made the effort to freeze frame the early ones to find out what the flash of words was at the bases of the lightning bolts. Now he has done a parody of Obama’s rather puerile ‘Don’t waste your first time’ advertisement:
 The release of the Obama effort was met with deserved derision, in part for its attempt to appeal to the fatuous element of the late teen first time voter element in an effort to keep their minds off the poor economy, lack of jobs, and the mountain of debt that they will be saddled with in the future. Other criticism was made of it being a copy of a Vladimir Putin Ad.

One thing Americans have missed is that this ad originated in Australia on behalf of the Greens, by Sarah Hanson-Young. Sarah doesn’t seem to be making a play for the young guys vote; she’s not exactly what a young man’s mind envisions when his fancy turns to lust. If the soulful gaze at Bob Brown means anything, the double entendre is somewhat wasted.

Quadrant Online has the full story of the genesis, including the three videos.

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