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Jul 11, 2011

Australia's carbon tax.

I have consistently argued here against the idea of imposing a carbon tax, however it seems to likely that we will get one unless something can change the mindsets of government members or their acolyte independent fellow travelers. These members are dependent on the survival of the current government to serve out their current term before going into the political wilderness, so it is unlikely that anything will move them.

There is a certain amount of information out there at present, mainly dealing with figures provided by the government and the treasuries assessment on how everybody will be financially better off by paying an extra tax. Currently most of the editorial assessments in the press are by political correspondents which are irrelevant, tomorrow when the financial correspondents are up, things will get more interesting.

There is a great assessments so far from a free market guys. Clinton Meade pulls it to bits and exposes it as a doublespeak fraud. I was going to repost the whole thing here, unfortunately I cannot get the figures to transpose into this format, so read it where it is posted on the link.

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