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Jul 18, 2011

Former Treasurer, Peter Costello slams carbon tax.

H/t, Catallaxy Files.

This is probably one of the best editions of the Bolt Report ever. It has everything, starting with a Brisbane shopper asking Gillard the question on everybody’s lips, “Why did you lie to us.” Then at one minute in, an example of Gillard talking down to us.

At the two-minute mark, Channel 7s most obsequious reporter, Mark Riley makes his play for sycophant of the year, and the coveted Gold Logie for best Dorothy Dix question of 2011.

Then Peter Costello hits his straps:

Costello has clearly repudiated the idea of a carbon tax since realizing just what a dog’s breakfast of impracticability it really is. He has joined the crowd in this as the whole idea when presented as what passes for reality here, is horrendous.

It was noticeable in an article the other day, David Flint who was the head of the Australian Press Council, stated, “More recently, I think The Australian's support of the carbon dioxide tax on the basis of the so-called precautionary principle and on the primacy of market solutions misses the point. This is not a real market but an artificial construct concocted by bureaucrats and academics to be rorted by merchant bankers.”

That probably explains why former Opposition leader and merchant banker, Malcolm Turnbull still supports it.

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  1. Of course this is the same Peter Costello who sold our gold reservers for $330.00 an ounce in 1997 saying gold will never be a currency again, ignoring thousands of years of human history.

    This brought in just $2.4 billion, forcing the world price for gold down, and causing the closure of many Australian gold mines.At todays price this same gold is worth over $8.5 billion, because of its value as a currency in these troubled times.

    Yes, we must listen to this idiot who did not have the courage to stand for PM but rather cried to the Australian public how unfair John Howard was for not handing him the job. ROTFLMFAO.