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Jul 2, 2011

Woman hating on the left.

US conservative readers are familiar with this phenomenon. Over there people on the right are used to conservative women being attacked as brainless, sluts, bitches, and worse. If they are attractive and premenopausal, they seem to attract even more incoherent rage, which is probably something that would make a fascinating topic for psychiatric discussion.

There has been a relentless hate campaign waged against Palin and her female children since she was nominated for VP. This was followed up with despicable claims against female candidates in the 2010 election, especially Nikki Haley, and has been followed up in the same style since Michelle Bachman declared for President. Recently an interviewer actually asked her if she was a flake.

The same method is followed here, in Australia by what sounds a lot like the left wing rentacrowd, Get up. A hate page has been established on FaceBook directed at Menzies House, a predominantly liberal Party site which is to some extent sympathetic towards the small government standpoint. Now we get this:

Most of our readers would be aware that Menzies House has a (rather vile) hatepage on Facebook, where a group of sad, pathetic individuals spend their days doing little more than spreading lies about the work we do.
I have tended to ignore this page, as giving such (defamatory) losers attention gives them far more credibility than they deserve, and I find it rather funny really. So I'm more than happy to let their numerous untruths about me go by without comment.
However, I could not let their latest piece of sexist, dispicable conduct slide by.
I know, wise heads will tell me I probably shouldn't respond, as they'll now all feel validated and that their lives have some sort of meaning as I'm acknowledging them, but I'm so infuriated upon reading it that I just cannot resist. And I'm just seething with anger at this being the latest in a long string of attacks on conservative women for their appearance.
See, what happened is that, having stalked Facebook for our supporters and contributors, the Admin of our left-wing hate page decided to post a photo of one of our contributors, and the SGCT authoriser, and proceed to engage in the most grossly offensive sexist attacks imaginable:

I think this says all you need to know about those who hate us and the "tolerant" left. The fact that as they can't come up with any coherent argument, they have decided that attacking the appearance of conservative women is the way to go.

And I must add, not only were these blatantly sexist offensive remarks not removed, but they were actually endorsed by the administrators of the page - who then went even further with the sexism to add that her photo made her seem "bitchy".
The left claim to support women's rights... they trumpet it all the time ... yet when a conservative woman is successful, their ugly side really comes out.
PS: Btw, Chris Johnson AKA Signed in, is one of the Admins of that page. I'm not saying he made or endorsed that comment, he is an Admin, and it is still there... make of that what you will.
Natalie Keys, the person it was directed at has answered here.

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