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Jul 20, 2011

More on Government hacking scandal.

The previous post was a press release from the LP pointing out that government was a worse hacking threat than any privateer.

Quadrant Online Links to an item in the Salisbury Review pointing to the British government being by far the worst hacker in the UK:
In the hysteria [over the News of the World phone tap scandal] there has been no mention of Britain’s most prolific phone hacker, the government, or that it was the previous Labor administration - now pointing the finger at News International - that gave birth to its worst excesses.

Since the year 2000 British officials have have been given almost unlimited powers to hack into the phones, emails or open the letters of anyone they think may not be acting in their interests.

A total of 253,557 applications were made in 2006 to intercept private communications. Nearly all were approved. 600 public bodies can monitor people‘s private communications and in the same year 122 local councils asked to spy on 1600 individuals.
Check it out.

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