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Jul 14, 2011

Carbon Sunday, 10th July 2011 the start of the real carbon war in Australia.

Cartoon: By Zeg.

By Viv Forbes, Chairman,

The Green-Labour coalition has burnt the boats – they have left no room for retreat and we face total carbon war from now on.

Carbon Sunday has jolted Australians into the reality that Bob Brown and his Gaggle of Green Geese, supported by the Three Green Puppets (Windsor, Oakshott and Wilke), now control Australia's future.

There is no room for any of our basic industries in their Grand Green Goal for Australia. They hate mining, farming, forestry, fishing and the service and heavy industries associated with them. Since the days of the first fleet, these industries have given jobs and security to all Australians. Such security was not earned by singing hymns to Gaia and sitting in the shade.

We few skeptics in the Carbon Sense Coalition have fought the carbon battle for over four years now. A few others such as Ray Evans and a couple of great journalists have battled for longer.

For 3 years no one wanted to know us, but now the seeds planted so persistently are starting to bear fruit. We have not moved at all in our positions but the mountain of public opinion has moved massively towards us. Many thinking and concerned people are now actively in the fight.

The Australian public is now aroused and hostile to the carbon tax. The general media has noticed that we exist and even the ABC has turned its baleful eye upon us.

The main goal of the Greens is to get this tax onto the books, no matter how tattered and ineffective it looks after the storm. Once there, it can be extended and increased.

Our goal is to prevent it getting onto the books IN ANY FORM and making sure all players in the game know that irresistible forces will be working to remove and repeal all trace of this ill considered legislation that manages to become law (that includes all the climate control stuff already on the books).

We now must take the fight to the boardrooms and workplaces of Australia. Every director who spends shareholder funds on the basis that all the climate paraphernalia of taxes, subsidies, exemptions, permits and mandates will continue must be warned and challenged to spell out those risks to investors.

Business and trade union leaders must be challenged by their shareholders, employees, members and customers to demonstrate the soundness of their actions.

So please help us to keep up the fight – spread the word, attend the protest rallies, harass your local politicians and candidates, write to the media, vote "No Carbon Tax" in every poll and support the organisations and parties you believe are opposing this baseless war on carbon and on Australian industry and jobs.

Carbon Tax Mark 4? A Stealthy Cancer.

Carbon Tax Mark 4 is flimsy but dangerous.

Because of public opposition to a new tax on everything, the tax has been gutted. The PM hopes to buy public support by giving exemptions to almost everyone and offering widespread bribes to voters. As a result, it is now feeble and ineffective and cannot achieve its stated aim.

But the Green-Gillard coalition is desperate and such people cannot be trusted. They will say or promise anything in order to get this new tax introduced. Once on the law books, the exemptions will be whittled away, the tax rate will increase and the tax bribes will disappear. It is a stealthy cancer in the gut of the Australian economy.

The cost of electricity, food, fuel and travel will increase, but few people will recognise the root cause. Politicians will blame "Woolworths, power suppliers and Big Oil" for the pain.

This new stealth tax is the thin edge of the wedge. It will have no effect on the climate, but is a fiscal weapon too dangerous to be left in the hands of green extremists. Leaving Bob Brown loose with the vast powers of a carbon tax is like leaving the grandkids alone in the hayshed with a box of matches.

"Abolish the Stealth Tax" will be the next election slogan.

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