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Jul 30, 2011

Whole Carbon tax idea should be dropped.

Cartoon: By Nicholson.

Apart from the fact that various scandals have seriously eroded the credibility of the entire climate change scenario, as well as no credible rise in temperatures occurring over the last ten years despite an increase in emissions, Australia is a relatively small emitter and our efforts will have no impact on the planet. The whole idea that we can make a difference by an emissions reduction is an exercise in hubris.

It now appears that we are to get fourteen new pieces of legislation that cover the many aspects of introducing a climate tax. The major problem is that in order to try to influence the electorate, the government has come up with a dog’s breakfast of taxes and payments to try to mitigate the effects of them. This results inevitably in a new or expanded bureaucracy to manage the whole thing, which will in effect be a churn of costs and payments that would be best dropped.

It appears that in the long run, it is going to cost more than it raises, even before the damage to industry is taken into account. We are in a situation where we are staring down the barrel of a European meltdown and an American default, both of which will be a disaster for Australia, yet the government insists on imposing a tax that will adversely affect our economic survival.

We are now told that in addition to the standard bureaucracy involved, there will be a special group of ‘carbon cops’ with draconian powers of search and seizure as well as vicious penalties for offenders. It was remarked in the past that on the basis of penalties, the worst crimes in the nation were breaches of the National Parties orderly marketing schemes; this is worse.

Breaches of carbon tax legislation involves $million fines and ten year prison terms. With the semi religious zealotry of the carbon fatwa’s and the climate change Jihad, the average punter would be better off killing someone or engaging in child rape with a good lawyer to represent him.

There was an excellent discussion of the issues today by Andrew Bolt, Steve Price, and Senator Barnaby Joyce, which can be found here. Listen and weep, or maybe go out there and take these bastards on.


  1. If the real aims of the senario were environmental it would make sense to rubbish the idea of a carbon tax.
    But that's not what it's about. The tax and control features are the aim, Carbon is just a stage prop.

  2. It always has been about control, especially by its foremost advocates, who obviously do not believe the stuff they spout.

    Gore, who predicted a six meter sea level rise has a place barely that much above it. Tim Flannery (25 meters) lives about five meters from the shoreline.