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Jul 27, 2011

The Convoys of No Confidence (Update)

Cartoon: By Warren.

By Viv Forbes, Chairman,

This Green Government, assisted by its friends in the ABC, seem determined to destroy Australia's primary industries. The most dramatic recent example was the overnight destruction of the live cattle exports from Northern Australia. They also wage an incessant war on live sheep exports. The most underhand blow was an unremarked clause in the plans revealed on Carbon Sunday which will end all logging in native forests. The most cynical campaign is being orchestrated by the Greens against the natural gas industry. It is mainly the green war on coal and nuclear power that is driving a worldwide boom in gas fired electricity generation – every wind farm will need gas backup, and gas will do the heavy lifting. Greens are also waging a war on our fishermen, and on the development rights of every landowner with a block on the beach. And their carbon tax will hit every road train, tractor, and truck in the land.

Everywhere, real people producing the real things that keep Australia warm and well fed have had enough. One truckie in Northern Territory announced a Convoy of No Confidence to head for Canberra. Within days this has escalated to Eight Convoys of No Confidence.

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Lord Monckton wins Press Club debate

He persuaded 9% more Australians to his view that‘Concerns about Global Warming are exaggerated’

Despite negative publicity surrounding Lord Monckton’s visit to Australia, the results of a special Roy Morgan Reactor test immediately after the Press Club debate show that Lord Monckton won the debate and persuaded a substantial 9% of Australians to his view that ‘Concerns about Global Warming are exaggerated’.

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