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Jul 12, 2011

Best Australian advertisement of the year.

H/t Stop Gillards Carbon Tax.

It appears that the Trade Tools group does not love Gillard:

COMRADE JULIA Has Taken Over TradeTools???

Thank goodness NO!

But if she did, the following scary changes would quickly happen:

1. We’d have a doubling of our back room office staff with rostered days off, possible 9 day fortnights & committee meetings to decide on which fair trade coffee we should all begin drinking! Every store would have a children’s crèche of course. Selling tools would immediately become a strangely secondary issue for Julia.

2. With all of those extra staff to pay, that amazingly none of us here realised we ever needed before, Julia would think it quite okay to begin increasing all selling prices at TradeTools. She would absolutely believe that all customers would fully understand that our cost base had markedly increased, but be amazed when many started taking 24 years of hard won business elsewhere in confusion & frustration!

3. If she saw on TV that some lone Northern Territory sadist murdered his dog, then cut it up using a jigsaw, Julia would immediately ban the sale of all jigsaws! We’d then have pallets full of jigsaws everywhere & thousands of tradesmen [sorry ‘tradespeople’] would need to find a probably much more dangerous alternative. This is something Julia would be totally mystified by, especially as she didn’t really know what a jigsaw actually was or did in the first place!
Hit this link to read the rest, its just as good and go buy something from Trade Tools!

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