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Jul 6, 2011

Green entertainment; The Follies Bizarre.

Cartoon; By Ramirez

The previous post here referred to the Greens as batshit crazy. Led by Bob Brown, gaining the balance of power has quite frankly, unbalanced them. Brown has already talked of the Greens replacing Labor in future. This is not likely, as the party has taken the far left from Labor when Labor presented a moderate image. As result of this positioning, the party is represented by a gaggle of extreme lefties, Palestinian activists, Bolshies, and activists with limited appeal. Any moderate move will be resisted by them.

Bob is a great fan of the UN and wants Australia to join an international push for a global parliament. This ''people's assembly'' would be based on one person, one vote, one value and was being vigorously promoted in Europe and the United Nations, he said yesterday.
Senator Brown said a global parliament would tackle international questions such as nuclear proliferation, currency speculation, marine eco-system destruction ''and those billion people who could be fed and literate if only a tenth of global military spending was sent to their assistance''.
But such a body would not replace sovereign governments - it would have to be established with the agreement of these governments.
Their reality is represented by senator Sarah Hanson-Young, who believes the South Australian steel town of Whyalla can transform itself into a hub of wind energy if the carbon tax forced manufacturer OneSteel to shut down.
The South Australian senator yesterday said OneSteel's steelworks employed "several hundred people . . . and I imagine the flow-on effect for that small town would be significant".
OneSteel is directly responsible for the jobs of up to 4000 people in the city of 22,000 people.
Senator Rhiannon was dumb enough to accuse the Australian Workers Union head had shut down the operations of the NSW Treasury as part of an occupation when he was a young Trotskyite activist. (Rhiannon produced a newspaper that was funded by the Soviets.)

"Maybe I protested outside it, but I'm certain I never occupied it," Mr Howes said. He added that he had publicly written off his "brief flirtation with far-left politics as a folly of youth". "Unlike you, I was never employed by any group receiving funding from dictatorships like the Soviet Union."

Brown has spoken enthusiastically of his plans to shut down the entire coal industry, one of our major export industries. The vast majority of Victoria’s power comes from the Latrobe Valley with its vast deposits of lignite, which Brown wants shut down first. Presumably all of the workers can expect lucrative jobs polishing the vanes of windmills or cleaning solar panels.

The irrationality of Brown was brought home tonight in an interview during which he accused Abbott of running a scare campaign on carbon tax on fuel for private vehicles, which has been rejected for the time being. He then went on to say that the exemption was totally against Greens policy and he was determined to tax it.

Go figure.


  1. ''... and those billion people who could be fed and literate if only a tenth of global military spending was sent to their assistance."

    Or we could have done it not much more than a tenth of what the world has been forced to spunk away on the Kyoto protocol to no measurable effect. Of course if you start adding in the costs of all those solar and wind subsidies, tax dollars funnelled to green lobby groups and the rest of the financial favours doled out to Big Eco the lives of those billion people could be improved far beyond just food and literacy. Wonder what Bob Brown thinks of that ide...

    Bob? Bob?

    Something I said?

  2. 10% of the government research grants would keep the third world in luxury for a long time.

    As a matter of interest, why is it that a skeptic geologist is a 'bastard in the pay of big ...(insert coal, oil, or other appropriate mineral with big in front here)' while an engineer working for GE promoting GW to push windmills produced by them is a child of virtue.

    Dont get me started,Angry.

  3. ... while an engineer working for GE promoting GW to push windmills produced by them is a child of virtue.

    That's why I use the term Big Eco at every possible opportunity. The world is full of dedicated non-thinkers who will unhesitatingly accept that anything prefixed with 'Big' is full of vested interests and not to be taken at its word. They haven't considered how much profit depends on sustained belief in warble gloaming, how many solar companies and turbine makers would go tits up without the subsidies that belief allows governments to offer, how much comfortable tenure in climate research departments would vanish, how many carbon dioxide obsessed charities and fake charities would lose a great deal in donations, in credibility and in influence. Just the reputations staked to the warble gloaming mast are a massive vested interest, but the epic amount of money involved makes any idea of impartiality laughable. You simply cannot get that many people around that much money and expect anything else. There are vested interests, biases, agendas, and more than enough lobbying and filthy lucre to justify lumping them all together under the term Big Eco.

    Of course with Australia's phobia about nuclear power it's also good to include the nuclear industry in Big Eco since they're promoting themselves as the best low carbon base load alternative (probably true) and to tell people to think about which dollars came from where the next time someone says the science is settled. Of course the man from Greenpiss says carbon is bad, his neutron burning buddies wouldn't want anything else. Bwahahahaha.

    It may be slightly cruel of me but I do enjoy giving people the shits about nuclear power. I wonder if I can persuade some of them that I'm slightly radioactive from having lived near British reactors? Where can I buy a fake Geiger counter?