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Jul 23, 2011

Convoy of no Confidence in the Federal Government.

Some time ago the “Just Grounds’ community announced a convoy from Katherine to Canberra in order to demonstrate their disgust with, and lack of confidence in the federal government. It is organized by the National Road Freighters Association but the public at large is invited to join in.

An update now gives tentative timings for the trip but more importantly, makes it clear that there is not just the one convoy. There are eight leaving from various areas and the preliminary routes and times are below. This may be subject to change and people are advised to check for updates.

Proposed routes are:

Convoy 1. Start 16th of August Port Hedland, via Halls Creek, Katherine, Mt Isa, Blackall, Bourke, Cowra, and Canberra.

Convoy 2. Start 8th August Cairns, via Townsville, Springsure, Dirranbandi, Forbes, and Canberra.

Convoy 3. Start 20th August Rockhampton, via Goondiwindi, Parkes, and Canberra.

Convoy 4. Start 20th August Brisbane, via Tamworth (Via Warwick), Coonabarabran to Parkes, and Canberra.

Convoy 5. Start 20th August Brisbane via Beresfield, through Sydney to Canberra.

Convoy 6. Start Perth WA via Norseman, Nullarbor Road House, Port Augusta, Mildura, Wagga, and Canberra.

Convoy 7. Start 21st August Adelaide via either Narrandera / or Wagga, to Canberra.

Convoy 8. Start 21st August Melbourne, via Albury to Canberra.

There is some advice to all of those who may wish to participate on the post here, which will make the whole thing run more smoothly. Please remember to keep it couth, as Gillard and her apparatchiks will be looking for excuses to paint you as ignorant, uncouth, uneducated, extremist, knuckle dragging rednecks, you know, the sort of thing the elitists regard us regular folks as.

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