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Jul 7, 2011

Kristin Davis, the answer to Bob Ellis “cry rape against the left” claim.

Bob Ellis is a sad old Labor hack who, these days occasionally comes out with press items mainly designed to provoke outrage and little else. It seems to be his method of proving to himself that he has some relevance. His latest diatribe claims that leftist politicians and arts leaders are being destroyed by unreasonable claims by feminists.

Bob gets his wires well and truly crossed when he claims: Eliot Spitzer, left-leaning Republican and enemy of Goldman Sachs, is forced out of office for renting whores.

Well, wrong party for a start, and he seems to neglect that Spitzer was a piece of shit who, while Attorney General went hard on prostitution while hiring them on a regular basis himself. Far from Bob’s claim, Spitzer got off without any charges while Kristen, his madam, got six months jail and her assets seized, while he became anchor on a show at CNN. Kristin has this to say in her latest statement:
Eliot Spitzer is the gift that keeps on giving - when it comes to crime. I've said for three years now that he is an unpunished criminal. I even ran for Governor of New York last year to highlight the inequities in a criminal justice system that lets powerful, well connected rich men commit crimes and go unpunished. Now it appears that Spitzer is going to get exposed again.

A new lawsuit outlines how Spitzer extorted Marsh McLennan Insurance to hire his crony Michael Cherkasky as CEO as a condition of settlement. Cherkasky received a $35 million golden parachute and exercised it when it became clear he didn't understand the Insurance business and was essentially incompetent. Spitzer also required Marsh to buy the company where Cherkasky worked-Kroll and Associates for an inflated price - one far greater than the companies market cap. This is the same Eliot Spitzer who prosecuted Ken Grasso at the New York Stock Exchange for "excess compensation"!

For five years when Eliot Spitzer was both Attorney General and Governor, I supplied him with escorts. I met him face to face on one occasion, ironically in an apartment I rented for assignations in a building owned by his Father. In this instance, the lady he was enjoying his time with was tardy and I had to let him in. He was pleasant and noted that his father built and owned the building.

I later learned he was guilty of committing another crime - as Attorney General he called his favorite escort agency and warned them of an upcoming sting operation. I've taken a lie detector test to prove this - see here

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