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Jun 23, 2008

Obama's vocal chickens, coming home to roost.

Al, ‘the Catskill Commentator’ is back online and appears to done quite a bit of thinking on his fishing trip.

His first post back is a great one, as I have lost count of Obama’s ‘misspeaks.’ I am not sure if I have missed this expression before, but it seems to be very fashionable in this election. Everybody seems to be using it. It is nice to see a different term used.

Anyway, Al has put together a list, which he refers to as; Obama’s “Not Exactly’s”: This person is more dangerous than any candidate in recent years….

There are 38 of them listed, which I am not sure is all of them but that will certainly do for a start.

Look for; “OBAMA SPIN: EXACT QUOTES DEBUNKED” and while you are at it check out "DEM CONGRESS SCORECARD FOR LAST 2 YEARS."

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