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Jun 12, 2008

Sarah Palin, and only Sarah Palin will do.

I just received an interesting series of Emails from three of my contacts in the US and have decided to share some of their views, as well as some of mine as follows.

There is a hard push for Romney by the talk show mafia for VP. On Palin..."Puh-lez" said Hewitt, "We already have Alaska and she's a nobody with zero experience."

This is idiot talk, while there may be a tactic of selecting a VP who will bring home another state that the Presidential candidate can’t get on his own it is ridiculous to say that a viable candidate from a state which may be in the bag, (if it is) should be automatically excluded. Few would agree that she is a nobody, and as a governor she has vastly more executive experience than Obama.

Medved had a woman on his show, a main stream Conservative from the Heritage Foundation who came right out and said she wanted to limit Hispanic and Latino immigrants, including those 2nd and 3rd generation.

That was Heather MacDonald. She's basically an anti-Hispanic racist, her work completely discredited by reliable sources. She writes for all the usual anti-immigration sources, is their little darling. Her statistics have been debunked time and time again, but it doesn't matter.

Michael pointed out that those "2nd and 3rd generation" were American citizens and she said that is why we have to close our southern borders and give Asian and Canadian immigrants preference for citizenship so we'd have the right 2nd and 3rd generation citizens that will add to our nation not take away jobs and social services.

“The right 2nd and 3rd generation citizens,” really says what she is on about. She feels that Hispanics are an inferior ‘breed’ to Asians and Canadians.

Medved had a counter point guest who quoted study after study showing that Hispanics are under represented in jails and other unsavory numbers. He also said that Hispanics were less likely to use the social services and could not be compared to Blacks who have been in the system for generations.

She didn't want to hear it. She got angry at the "race card" being pulled but it was obvious that the focus of all this immigration anger wasn't legal or illegal; just toward Hispanics and their legal offspring.

These elite, ivy league, so called conservatives are going to put the most scary liberal in the WH. And that illegal (aka Hispanic) immigration vitriolic talk has got to go where Tancredo and Hunter and Santorium (and ultimately Romney once he got on that wagon) went.

There are aspects of American politics that I simply don’t understand. The thing I love about America is that in many ways it is not only a geographical entity but a state of mind, a philosophy in its own right. The concept of liberty it is founded on and which the left despises is something to aspire to. The basic concept of ‘consensual’ government, that is government by the consent of the governed is a wonderful innovation.

I am seeing more and more writings indicating that Hispanics are not that fond of Obama, and dislike the Democrats, who tend to use the threat of deportation in elections to blackmail them into voting for the left. Eric Dondero over at Libertarian Republican has made numerous posts urging the GOP to try harder in Hispanic areas as they are available to us.

Are the extreme conservatives the descendents of the old Southern Democrats?

My only regret about Sarah Palin is that she didn’t start a bit sooner in politics and is not at the moment a credible candidate for the Presidency at the moment.

My thanks to Malia Nash, SJ Reidhead, and Steve Maloney.


  1. You guessed right - many of the worst extremist conservatives (usually religious fanatics) used to be southern Democrats/Dixiecrats (but there are some nutty conservatives in the West too.)

    This whole anti-Mexican immigrant thing started when the Mexicans started moving from the West to the South a few years ago. The Southerners were not used to them as we in the West are.

    McCain deliberately reached out to Hispanics and I've seen polls that say he will get 30% of their vote.

  2. The thing about this anti-Hispanic sentiment is that it's just not about illegals. These people have friends and family who CAN vote. Also other non Whites look at how they are being treated and think of their own parents and grandparents, who were once immigrants.

    Thanks for the Dixiecrats connection--that explains alot.

  3. Excellent job, as usual.

    The Pink Flamingo

  4. This is not rocket science.
    Palin as McCain’s Veep.

  5. Funny how things just hit you sometimes, someone told me the other day that George Wallace was a Republican, which is the inspiration for the thought.

  6. Here are some actual numbers on welfare dependency rates.

    Hispanics are about 2.5 times more likely than whites to be on welfare whereas blacks are about 3.5 times more likely. Not quite a resounding recommendation.

  7. My hometown's most wanted list also doesn't reflect exceedingly well on Hispanics in terms of their likelihood to commit crime.

    Certainly there are many Hispanics in the city, but not 90%. And there are still large numbers of blacks, despite recent demographic changes, but there's not even ONE on this list.

    I would like to know what data Medved's guest was talking about. Anyone have links or names?

  8. Pete, I can’t help thinking that the top ten wanted list thing is related to LA being a sanctuary city close to the source of Hispanic migration. As such you will tend to draw a higher proportion of their criminals than in the wider community.

    The figures for those who receive welfare really need to be combined as far as the Non-Hispanic black and white to give an accurate picture of the real situation so I can’t really comment here on that. I assume that Hispanics come in black and white and therefore I see no reason to divide the statistics differently.

    The thing that stands out to me is however that the rates tend to have dropped more over the years for Hispanics than for the others.

    In fairness Non-Hispanic Whites have started in the timeframe from a lower base giving less room to drop.

  9. Jim,

    Here is the FBI's wanted list murders nationwide. This covers the entire country. Very high overrepresentation of Hispanics.

    Ditto for metro DC's wanted-for-homicide list

    Ditto for NYPD

    Ditto for the DEA (nationwide).

    Do you happen to recall the source of the data mentioned by Medved's guest? If it was solid data, I would love to see it, since it seems to be sort of hard to come by.

  10. Has anyone any idea of Sarah Palin's ancestry? She appears to be of Hispanic heritage, which would be an excellent attribute, not to mention Female, to the whole bring about change factor both parties are pushing for....I think she would a great running mate for McCain's Veep.

  11. I have seen nothing on this, I gather she was born in Idaho and went to Alaska as an infant. She certainly has interesting and striking features.

  12. I have seen nothing on this, I gather she was born in Idaho and went to Alaska as an infant. She certainly has interesting and striking features.