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Jun 28, 2008

Sarah Palin interviewed by Larry Kudlow.

I don’t tend to get a lot of comments on my site, but the ones I get are really good, it’s the old adage of quality versus quantity. Some come up with great things of interest and on this occasion ‘Alex’ has come up with a ripper that I wouldn’t have seen: -

I am not certain of the viewing habits of people online, I try to keep down to shorter clips, but at 8 minutes this is of interest all the way.

I was especially impressed with the following exchange between Larry Kudlow and Sarah: -

Kudlow: Well are profits a dirty word? In energy, or other businesses?

Palin: Well no, of course not. And low taxes of course, we know spur the economy. I’m a Republican. I am for low taxes. We have to make sure though that an appropriate value is placed oil and gas resources. And that the people who own these resources are able to benefit from the development of them. But no, profit is not a dirty word.

Kudlow: Why don’t we just liberate, and decontrol, and deregulate the whole bloody energy business – whether it’s oil, gas, shale, nuclear, coal, natural gas, as well as wind and solar – why don’t we just decontrol, deregulate, go for an America first energy policy? Get independent of Saudi Arabia? America first. Create all of these millions of high paying jobs. Why isn’t anybody talking about that in this race? That’s the natural, Reaganesque thing to do. Isn’t it?

Palin: Yeah absolutely! You’re hitting the nail right on the head. That’s what so many of us normal Americans are asking. The same thing. Why aren’t the candidates talking like that? Where we can secure America and we can be more independent when we talk about energy sources if we could drill domestically.

Here we sent [Energy] Secretary Bodman overseas the other day, and our president had to visit the Saudis a few weeks ago, to ask them to ramp up development. That’s nonsense. Not when you know that we have the supplies here. You have the supplies in your sister state called Alaska, where we’re ready, willing and we’re able to pump these supplies of energy, flow them into hungry markets across the U.S. We want it to happen. It’s Congress holding us back.

I find it disturbing that a ‘can do’ nation like the US is sitting on its hands on the energy issue while having vast untapped reserves just waiting for the drill bits to go into them. Rather than do this the nation goes cap in hand to other nations who are in some cases hostile, resentful, or at least dubious in their friendship.

Fair enough these reserves are not tomorrows fix, but they offer a great long term solution if projects are started soon. In the time that they have been blocked they could have been brought online three times over.

The Democrat controlled Congress seems to think they are doing a great job in blocking this, which indicates a total lack of reality on the issue. If they were doing much at all right they would not have an approval rating running at about half that of George Bush.


  1. She's good. She's real good.
    And I love that she speaks without one "uhh', ummm, or errr. Very nice.
    I'll vote for McCain if he picks her. The fact is, I think I'd rather have her on the top of the ticket.
    I have been researching her and listening to her interviews very closely. I think McCain has to pick her to raise the interest of the country. From what I've seen, everyone who researches and sees her loves her. Why would anyone think she wouldn't be a smash hit nationwide?

  2. When I noticed the Draft Sarah Palin movement I was initially skeptical, however like you the more I looked at what she is on about the more I felt she was the only real choice.

    I really think she is the best.

    I see shortcomings in McCain that she would more than make up for, I don't think she is ready for the top of the ticket yet but could in my opinion do the job.

  3. What a nice surprise I got this morning! XD

    So your not a surfer? Missing out big time brother. It has the most erudite conservative bloggers, Michelle Malkin, Allahpundit and Ed Morrissey posting there. Lots of great material there so dig in.

  4. I like Hotair but don't get over there a lot, mainly when someone recommends an article over there. It is an excellent site, but I generally have limited time to actually surf, and I generally find their best stuff via my usual contacts.

    But you have a point there, maybe I should.