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Jul 20, 2012

Gary Johnson winning on issues

West Coast Rebel has drawn attention to a new electoral map of who would win the various states were voters fully informed and voted on the issues. Gary Johnson would win the Presidency hands down with 284 Electoral College votes based on a survey of (currently) 662,000 potential voters.

Image: What the electoral map would look like.

  • Republican; red
  • Democrat: blue
  • Green: green
  • Johnson: yellow
  • Ron Paul; Orange

The site hosting the quiz is which has a questionnaire and a state by state breakdown of results.

From Gary Johnson 2012:
The map is created off the results of over 600,000 quiz takers on the iSideWith site. Users answer 36 questions that cover a range of issues from social, environment, science, foreign policy, domestic policy, immigration, the economy, and healthcare. Their answers are matched up with the candidates answers and then they are shown who they align most closely with.

iSideWith generates state by state breakdowns so you can see which state supports which candidate. I tabulated the data and assigned the electoral votes to the winner of each state. iSideWith included a couple candidates in their questionnaire who will only be on the ballot in a handful of states so I excluded them, but I did include the Constitution, Democrat, Green, Libertarian, and Republican candidates.

The results:

Barack Obama, as the incumbent, wins a total of 217 electoral votes in 16 states. He wins the states you’d expect him to win - the west coast, north east and a few in the great lakes region.

Jill Stein (Green Party) beats out Obama in Vermont and Hawaii which are two of the most left leaning states and wins a total of 7 electoral votes.

Mitt Romney only wins 4 states - Utah, Alaska, South Dakota, and Alabama - and receives 21 votes.

Virgil Goode’s (Constitution Party) best showing was 3rd place in South Dakota, but generally placed in the back of the pack taking sixth in 43 states.

Ron Paul wins 3 states - Arizona, Wyoming, and North Dakota, but racked up the most second place finishes with 27. Paul received 17 electoral votes.

Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party) claims the title of President by collecting enough electoral votes to put him in the White House with 284 votes (270 is the magic number to win the presidency) by winning 28 states.
This just begs the question, “Why the hell are we languishing on 5.3% in the odd poll that includes Johnson.”

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