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Aug 23, 2011

Brown; Convoys of No Confidence a failure.

Failed to cause massive disruption.

While the press seems to be concentrating on negatives in covering the arrival of the Convoy of No Confidence in the Federal government, the truth is at variance with this. While most concentrated on the procession of around 200 trucks vans cars etc, the ABC let the cat out of the bag, with a report, that another 150 trucks had moved through unescorted.

Five convoys were already in Canberra, having arrived the previous night. In addition busses arrived from Sydney. Darryl Pedersen, leader of convoy 2 was provided us with an estimate of 6-700 vehicles, which seems more consistent with the figures coming out earlier.

Mick Pattel, the organizer, maintained it was just going to be too difficult, even with 60 vehicles behind you it was incredibly hard to manage in terms of getting parking, in terms of getting fuel, getting food. We realised that we could actually collapse in on ourselves just by the sheer weight of numbers, and by the time we got to Canberra I really think it would have been a mess," he said.

Greens Leader Bob Brown says the convoy has been a failure, as it hasn't blockaded anything. "But it has got the moaners brigade in town and to whinge about everything in general and nothing in particular it seems. That's their right.”

The reality is that there was never any intention of blockading anything or of causing inconvenience to anyone. Bob is from the narcissistic left, which believes in throwing tantrums and trying to prevent people from going about their lawful business.

Vitriolic Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese said Mr. Pattel was an extremist who referred to world government on his website. Mr. Albanese should not dismiss the threat of world government so quickly, given that he is clinging to government with the help of Bob Brown. Bob has called for a world government and has been adamant that the best thing for all of us is another layer of politicians and bureaucrats superimposed on the ones we already have.

Albanese, also referred to them as The Convoy of No Consequence. “The Convoy of No Consequence, Mr Speaker. The Convoy of No Consequence, where a coupla hundred people gathered with no support from the mainstream organisations, the people who believe in one world government.”

The convoy has widespread support in the wider community, and people prepared to drive several thousand kilometers at their own expense deserve more respect than this. The very fact that the frustration in regional Australia has reached this height is an indication that Albanese and his mates should be listening, rather than repeating leftist boilerplate.

Tony Abbott, said the protesters comprised "salt-of-the-earth Australians who feel they are being ripped off by a bad government."

He said the Prime Minister today should meet representatives of the convoy, some of whom had travelled from Perth, Cairns and Darwin. "You have to have a reasonable dialogue with the Australian people and this is part of the Prime Minister's problem," Mr Abbott told Fairfax Radio yesterday from one of the trucks.

Kudos to Tony for traveling into Canberra with a convoy.


  1. Kudos to Tony Abbott for getting it right for a change. His mob still aren't getting my first preference though.

  2. Nor me Angry. Of course, I will probably be an LDP candidate which pretty much gives me away as to which way I will go.

  3. But doesn't it boil your piss that your own vote will end up with one or other of the main crew? I know that's how it works and that's that, but it bloody would if it was me.

  4. One of the good things about the Qld system in state elections is that that we can just vote 1, or give preferences if we wish. You don't have to fill out all boxes if you don't wish.

    Federal elections are a different matter, but what really pissed me right off last time was that Labor and the Libs both preferenced the Greens and put them in a position where they will still be able to screw any party elected for the next six bloody years. Dickheads!