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Aug 16, 2011

Convoy of No Confidence is not a blockade.

Cartoon: By Zeg.

Yesterday this site mentioned that a misinformation campaign had begun referring to the Convoy of No Confidence a blockade. This is a deliberate fabrication, probably emanating from the Gillard spin machine and disseminated by Getup and its allies. Convoy organizers have put strong rules in place to prevent disruptive actions.

Today the Australian has editorialized on the convoy, beginning with, “TRUCKING blockades are nothing new.”

It is disappointing that this paper has fallen for the spin. There is absolutely nothing in any of the information coming from the organizers that suggests in any way that it is anything other than an orderly protest through the capital from all over Australia.

Fortunately, the authorities have cooler heads, and are working with the cooperation of the organizers to keep traffic disruptions to a minimum. It was reported here that Federal Police will escort the convoy through Canberra. A report in the Cowra Community News, mentions the efforts of NSW police are taking:

POLICE will conduct a state-wide operation to minimise potential traffic disruptions caused by heavy vehicle protest convoys heading to Canberra this weekend.

NSW police will conduct Operation Samara to facilitate the movement of the convoys and minimise potential traffic disruptions. The operation will involve police from Traffic Services Branch and various local area commands.

“We are anticipating there’ll be a large number of heavy vehicles making up the 11 convoys, which will travel to the ACT,” says Operation Samara Commander, Acting Superintendent Bernie Ryan.
The Australian item makes the curious claim:
There is no justification for the early election its organisers want. But the history of One Nation shows that such widespread discontent could cost the major parties dearly. Without bowing to populist pressure, politicians must engage with the vast constituency who increasingly feel forgotten and isolated in regional and outer urban area.
With a government that was voted in on a lie with its agenda hijacked by the Greens and independents who allow it to cling to power impotently, it seems odd to claim, there is “no justification for the early election.” Elections have been called for no reason other than it suits the government in the past. We have even seen them called, “To remove damaging speculation of an early election,” or, “To obtain a mandate.”

Justification is there in droves, there is doubt though that Gillard and her cronies would be prepared to test all that public support they claim to have.

One Nation is essentially the dwindling remains of Pauline Hanson’s briefly successful party, which imploded in acrimony. One Nation has no role to play in the protest, although some of them will probably attempt to make their presence felt. Bob Katter will probably make his presence felt with the right platitudes to give the impression that he might do something useful. Bob is the guy you talk to if you want sympathy, not the one to go to if you want something done.

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