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Aug 13, 2011

Herman Cain on Stossel.

Over here it is difficult to view the debates outright unless you spend a fair bit of time loading YouTube segments. The time difference between here and the US is about 12 hours for the West Coast. However in the attempt to find something on Cain, who it was reported did well, the John Stossel show on Herman turned up.

In the first segment he shows up well:

Frankly he does not come across well on social issues in the second segment where he appears more as a hard line conservative, intolerant towards personal choice on moral issues. In the third he is still lacking in foreign policy issues. It is incredible that he should have even bothered with a stupid hypothetical question on putting a Muslim in Cabinet. What Muslim?

In the rest he was OK and scored a decent summing up in the final clip:

Cain is probably one of the best on economic issues, which is the most important area for the US at present. On social issues he tends to suck from a libertarian perspective. He really needs a decent foreign policy advisor, but one who will give the facts rather than opinions. Cain is good enough to come up with solutions.

Why is Gary Johnson left out of these debates? It is high time the media stopped picking who is or isn't qualified to take part. It is not for the media to pick winners, that is the perogative of the American people.

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