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Aug 11, 2011

GOP Wisconsin win, bad sign for Obama.

Image,Wisconsin protests; London without the arson.

Congratulations are due to Governor Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans for their retention of Senate control in the recall elections on Tuesday. The loss of two seats is unfortunate, but the Democrats, union thugs, and associated leftist rabble who have waged this campaign have little to show for it.

Another recall is due next week for two Democrat Senate seats, which are ‘in play’; and losses in these would mean that they have achieved nothing, and at great expense. Estimates of expenditure range from $30-40 million in the campaigns, about two thirds of that, by Democrats. This is money, which could have been available for the 2012 campaign if better spent.

The retention of Senate dominance endorses Gov. Walker and leading Republican lawmakers who can continue to pursue their agenda including budget cuts, concealed weapons provisions and requirement of identification for voting. It seems that these fools would have been better to have accepted the will of the electorate in the first place.

This has wider implications for President Obama, who sent his own political operatives to the state to boost support for the Democratic candidates. The loss of the President’s influence became visible with the loss of the ‘Kennedy seat’ in Massachusetts in the early stages, then the 2010 debacle confirmed it. Worse still, the anti-Walker campaign looked like the current events in London, minus the arson, and the association by the President with it is clear.

Some commentators see this event as a trendsetter for 2012:
Charles Franklin, a UW-Madison political scientist and co-founder of, had told the La Crosse Tribune just days before the recall votes that the outcomes would set a national pattern.

"Both sides see this as a test of a new policy direction of the Republican party nationally. They see broad implications elsewhere," Franklin said. "If [Walker's agenda] succeeds here by not flipping the Senate, it gives a real boost to governors elsewhere to continue to pursue that. If the Senate flips, it's a rebuke of those policies.” …

Some Democrats contended Tuesday night that their wins in two of the elections represented a victory of sorts for the anti-Walker movement. But University of Wisconsin-Madison political science professor Charles Franklin disagreed.

"I don't think there's such a thing as a moral victory," Franklin told the La Crosse Tribune. "You either pick up the three seats and take control or you fall short.”
They still maintain that they have the goal of recalling Walker, although state law wouldn’t allow such a move until he has been in office for a year. Oh well, if masochism is your thing, its probably the way to go.

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